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Californian Convicted of Smuggling Fake iPhone Parts in Apple Crime Blotter

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In this week’s raid, dozens of those accused of riot on the Capitol cleaned devices, the Apple Watch of a Five Guys employee was stolen and the iPhone of a Kenyan woman was “doubly stolen.”

The latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, which looks at the world of Apple-related crime.

California man sentenced to two years for smuggling counterfeit parts

The July 16 report on the record number of fake AirPods seized by US Customs was not the only development related to the smuggling of counterfeit Apple products.

A man from Orange Country, California, what he sentenced to two years on federal charges of smuggling counterfeit cell phone components of Apple, Samsung and Motorola from China.

According to the Justice Department, the man pleaded guilty in late 2020 to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, intentionally smuggle counterfeit goods, and illegally bring merchandise into the United States. The 46-year-old had conspired with others to establish “covered shipping channels” for the items between Hong Kong, China and the US.

Nearly 50 indicted Capitol protesters accused of erasing device evidence

Since the Capitol riot on January 6, it has become clear that many participants were captured via iCloud data or live video. In July, the Associated Press performed a review It found that nearly 50 defendants in riot-related court cases have been charged with “attempting to delete incriminating photos, videos and texts from phones or social media accounts documenting their conduct.”

The charges have included everything from deleting texts to discussing plans to do so in text messages, to members of the Oath Keepers group telling each other to “make sure all signal communications about the operation have been deleted. and burned “.

Woman in Kenya has ‘stolen’ iPhone twice

A woman in Kenya recently suffered what has been called a “double theft” of her iPhone. Gadgets Africa reports the woman His physical phone was stolen and then he received a phishing message from a fake “Apple Support” account.

The text was intended for the owner of the iPhone to hand over the login credentials so that thieves could access it. A second message followed, indicating that the phone had been erased.

On a blog post from 2019, Kapersky outlined how the double theft scam works, as well as the best ways to combat it.

Wisconsin man receives two years after empty boxes exposed iPhone and iPod theft

A man from Eau Claire, Wisc., has been convicted of breaking into buildings in nearby Chippewa Falls and stealing items and sentenced to two years. writes that the man was captured after empty boxes of iPods, iPhones and laptops were found in his hotel room. Those items were stolen from a Bargain City store, although the complaint says he also stole from a bar, a church and a hotel.

Man steals Apple Watch from Five Guys employee

A woman who works at a Five Guys restaurant in Scotland had a wallet, headphones and Apple Watch stolen from a locker room in the back of the restaurant and posted a CCTV video image showing the thief.

Edinburgh News reported that the woman managed to retrieve the Apple Watch by tracking it, but did not retrieve the other items.

South African President’s iPad “Theft” Spawns Hilarious Remixes

In a clip that went viral in late June, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa repeatedly said in a speech that his iPad had been stolen.

The device was later found, but the popular culture of that country had a bit of fun with the clip, including a series of remixes:

A home invasion in Australia was retaliation for the theft of an iPad

Three people in Australia have been charged with carrying out a home invasion, one that was allegedly in retaliation for the theft of an iPad.

According to Shepparton News, the victim admitted that she had taken the iPad. According to a police statement, when the home invasion occurred, the participating victims heard the phrase “dog, we’re going to crush you.”

A girl’s iPhone is stolen in the New York subway

A 17 year old girl iPhone was stolen On the 7 subway train in New York City The Sunnyside Post reported. The alleged thief, a man with distinctive facial tattoos “on both eyebrows,” was photographed at the scene.

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