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Can you delete characters in Once Human?

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Even if you’ve spent a lot of time perfectly creating your character in Once Human, there may come a point where you want to start from scratch.

In most games, you can simply delete said character and start a new one, playing from the beginning once again.

However, it seems things are a little more complicated in Once Human.

Here, we’ll explain character deletion in Once Human so you know what to expect if you want to start over.

Can you delete characters in Once Human?

Prior to the release of Once Human, the developers stated that it was possible to switch between different servers, but that it was potentially necessary to delete a character to do so.

However, now the game is here, Deleting a character in Once Human is simply not possible at this time.leaving many very confused by this decision.

This means you’ll have to be absolutely sure when confirming your character’s appearance, as you’ll be stuck with it forever.

Character screen in Once HumanCharacter screen in Once Human

On the other hand, Starry Studio has listened to the feedback on this aspect and has already released a statement on the matter.

This community post on Steam Starry Studio states that the multi-character creation functionality has been “urgently opened”, allowing you to have more than one character.

It was originally scheduled for August, but the date has been brought forward as many people have requested it.

This will allow you to jump to different servers and play with your friends, a perfect early change since launch.

It still doesn’t fix the character deletion issue, but since you’ll now be able to have multiple characters, there will surely be a deletion feature available in due time.

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