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Someone talking while wearing Apple Vision Pro headphones.

At the time of writing, Apple’s Vision Pro headset can only fit one user profile. But it also offers a guest mode, thankfully.

One of the defining characteristics of Apple’s Vision Pro headphones is their sociability. Unlike other headsets, which lock you in a virtual world, Vision Pro allows you to see and interact with your real environment. But what happens when your friends or family want to try Vision Pro? Can you share this headset?

Unfortunately it seems that you can only have one user profile saved in Vision Pro. this is according to macworld Senior Editor Roman Loyola, who asked about user profiles during a Vision Pro demo event.

The good news is that Vision Pro has a guest mode, something that was confirmed with the release of Apple’s visionOS SDK (a tool for application developers). If you own a Vision Pro viewer, you can choose to enable guest mode. You can also set a password for guests who can access sensitive information, including photos.

However, you may need to enable guest mode every time you share your headset. In a tweet from james dombro we can see a pop-up window in Guest Mode that says the following: “Allow others to use your Apple Vision Pro. Once started, the mode will end if it is not activated in 5 minutes.”

Please note that Apple Vision Pro is a first generation product. A lot will change as Apple receives customer feedback. Heck, Apple could change this headset even before it’s released.

Source: Apple via Macworld, james dombro via Phone Arena

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