Carbon Counting Has Its Limits – John Redwood’s Journal


Yesterday I drew attention to some of the many areas where carbon counting is the main driver of British politics. As some of you point out, it doesn’t seem to lead the only policy where some of you want it most. One of the most obvious ways to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint would be to reduce internal migration. Each additional person clearly increases CO 2 production as a direct result of their own personal production and all the production needed to provide food, heating and transportation. Indeed, in the early years other people are more carbon intensive as we need to build more homes, clinics, schools and service capacities to accommodate them. Their very means of transportation to get here is also carbon-intensive.

People’s anger over migration increases when they hear leaders say the UK needs to do more to control CO2. The more people we invite in, the more we need to slow down to offset the extra CO 2 from an expanding population. The interior minister says he intends to stop smuggling and trafficking in people. So when? When will the new legislation pass? How is he going to make it less attractive for people to come here illegally? When will law enforcement break these contraband rings and arrest boat owners and racers?


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