Cardi B fans on Robert Pattinson after meeting him at the British Vogue event


If you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter, you may have missed the start of Cardi B’s fangirl era.But after seeing her make a fuss for not one, but Two actors, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning.

The two lucky guys (and I say lucky because this is giving them a LOT of fanfare) happen to be from Netflix You star, Penn Badgley and, most recently, Robert Pattinson.

Since my generation’s go-to is roasting / teasing / laughing at things (we’re dealing with the humor), it seems the general consensus is how hilariously random it is that Cardi B is fangirl on these two in particular. But now we know that Edward Cullen does it for Cardi.

I’ve seen a few tweets asking what kind of event Cardi B and Robert Pattinson would have there at the same time because it was so unexpected for some people. It turned out to be a British Vogue event hosted in Beverly Hills. Also present were stars such as Cindy Crawford, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jesse Williams. I’m sure she had conversations with those other stars, but she specifically chose to post her interaction with Robert, and that means something. Cardi and Robert are in the same room it’s not as far away as it sounds, but my generation can’t imagine a world where rap and vampires intersect. That’s why it’s so funny and why this part that Cardi is playing is golden. The obvious traceability factor also plays a role here because Cardi is reacting in a way that I’m sure we day-to-day people imagine reacting if we were able to meet Robert. It’s also an example of how powerful celebrities from long ago can still impact all kinds of people (Lainey: LOL to little Anastasia calling RP a “long ago celebrity”). Cardi is proving to us that despite the fact that she may actually be more famous (especially with my generation) or at least as famous as the people she is fangirls with, she is a pop culture consumer just as much as she is part of pop culture herself. she clarified with another fangirl moment with Penn Badgley It all started when Cardi replied to this tweet a couple of weeks ago:

After the first interaction, we were given a profile photo exchange (which is still in effect!) And a reaction from Netflix. Cardi B also received a gift basket from Joe Goldberg himself.

My favorite part about this is how much Cardi has a hold on Stan’s Twitter tongue. The hateful amount of repeating letters, capitalized exclamation marks, and eight dramatic emoticons makes it seem like he’s been paying attention to how that side of Twitter works, and isn’t afraid to hide it.

This is great content. It is bending the perception of stardom, where stardom meets stardom and becomes the fangirl. He gives his followers something to “??” relate to and laugh with. There is also a sense of irony that comes when a popular person seems to forget that they are popular when they have an interaction with another popular person. While his reaction to Penn may have been bigger than I expected since she is more famous than him, Robert’s seems to be a little more understandable. Everybody knows dusk, and by her reaction, she was probably one of her celebrity crushes when she was a teenager too. Hopefully we’ll see more fangirl Cardi because she’s giving us a different side that not many other celebrities draw on and more memes. At the same time, not all celebrities can do what Cardi is doing because then the idea of ​​fame would crumble on itself.

While she will most likely have more fangirl moments, I think she will continue to only share those with random white dudes you would never associate with. Cardi B to continue the joke. As nice as it would be to see her react this way with someone like Beyoncé, it just wouldn’t have the same effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) of East High was next.


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