Cardi B reveals the beauty secrets about her hair


Cardi B revealed some juicy secrets about her beautiful natural hair. Check out the post below.

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Someone said: ‘Gurl forget the recipe. My hair has stayed the same length for 5 years, “and one commentator posted this:” If I had hair like yours, I’d be in the mirror all day shaking my hair. “

One follower said, “That hairrrr, growing them is an underrated mission” and one commenter posted this: “Okay, let me go and add everything to my Amazon cart because sister is a hair target.”

Someone else said: ‘What does hair growth have to do with Race? Ask for all of us? ‘ and one fan said: ‘Yes, if you take care of your hair under your protective hairstyles, it will grow like this … I am a living witness to that. It takes time, but it will. ‘

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One fan said, “Vitamin D n pun is also GREAT for hair growth”, and one fan said, “This is why my hair looked before my mom permed me a 6 months”.

Someone else said, “It’s the people in the comments who think black girls’ hair doesn’t grow for me, that’s so sad lmao.”

One fan said: “In the meantime it’s 8 weeks after giving birth and the hair looks like Rugrats Cynthia doll.”

Someone said: ‘Long, thick hair is largely genetic. Doing what she does won’t guarantee your hair will look like hers, but living a healthy lifestyle and regular cutting helps your hair grow is better – whatever your generically predisposed “best” is. ‘

In other news, Cardi B just met Robert Pattinson , and she couldn’t be more excited. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

One follower said: “IT’S A LOT OF FRESH AIR YO as famous as it is still so nice to see her excited to meet other famous people.”

Someone else said, ‘Is that him? Tell me do you like it? But it’s fine. You probably don’t know all the things he’s done. All the things he had done to his former girlfriend Bella. Yes, you don’t know. But I’ll show you. I’ll fix you. ‘


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