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Anita Brown Responds When Linked To Davido's Song Assurance To Chioma Amid Pregnancy Claims

daviddo updates his Instagram story for the first time after multiple women accused him of getting them pregnant.

Nigerian artist Davido has finally updated his Instagram story after being called out by two women who claimed to be pregnant with him.

The artist responded with a modest response while uploading a single from his album ‘Un Available’.

Recall that two women, Anita, an American, and Ivanna Bayy, a French woman, claimed that the singer made them pregnant.

Ivanna took to her official Instagram to call out the celebrity whom she accused of inappropriate behavior.

This occurred a few hours after Anita Brown, an American lady, claimed to be pregnant by the artist.

The French lady claims that she met Davido while promoting his music in Paris. She claimed that they had a brief affair and that he got her pregnant.

The lady then proceeded to ask about the number of mothers of Davido’s babies. In her story, she wrote:

“So just tell me how many baby mamas do you have? Should we be ready for a soccer team?

Nigerians have been reacting massively to the allegations with many criticizing Davido for having affairs with various women.

See Davido’s update below:

nyakno_adegun reacted: “The Guinness Book of Records supposes to give a favorite award of International and Community Gbola.”

Ibeugonna said: “Davido needs to see a psychologist sleeping with all the women in the world will not fill the emptiness he feels inside…”

gentlelion_14 reacted: “This album must collect the award…Davido dey Market him songs for the next Grammy Awards, while some people are here arguing”.

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