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Carly Rae Jepsen has been mocked The loveliest time the follow up to their 2022 album loneliest time, and like its predecessor, it is produced by Rostam Batmanglij.

Rostam confirmed his participation in Twitterciting a clip from Jepsen, who said The loveliest time came from her post-COVID fantasies of life while in lockdown during the pandemic, adding: “the two we did for The loveliest time have BPM, get ready to dance.”

Now, if you want to get technical, all songs have BPM (or beats per minute). But it’s likely that the artist and producer was hinting fans at songs with a fast BPM, since you mentioned dancing.

Rostam previously co-wrote and produced Jepsen’s book loneliest time cuts “Western Wind” and “Go Find Yourself or Which”. Since then, he has teamed up with Samia for the song “Mad at Me,” while his last solo album was from 2021. Changephobia.

while you wait youThe loveliest time (no release date yet), check out our 2022 interview with Jepsen and listen to his first single of 2023, “Shy Boy.”

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