Carol Burnett hires Britney Spears’ co-curator


Britney Spears shed light on the controversial practice of guardianship. Her terrifying case brought her eyes to other stars facing a similar situation, such as Amanda Bynes. A celebrity, Carol Burnett he is actually hiring one of Spears’ co-conservatives to help manage the life of a member of his family. Here’s what’s going on.

Drug Problems

Burnett’s daughter Erin Hamilton has struggled with addiction and substance abuse for years. Her difficulties meant she was unable to take care of her son Dylan. In August 2020, Burnett and her husband Brian Miller became Dylan’s temporary guardian. Now they hope to make the deal permanent.

RadarOnline has judicial documents obtained from the Burnett case. The legendary comedian explains that Hamilton is unable to care for his son: “For the past 19 years, Erin has been in and out of rehab centers and has been hospitalized a total of eight times for a minimum of 30 days each time. “, and was placed under surveillance for suicide and drug use. Burnett argues that neither Montgomery nor Dylan’s father are able to care for Dylan due to drug use.

Looking for Jodi Montgomery

To help take care of Dylan, Burnett wants to hire Jodi Pais Montgomery. Montgomery was one of Spears’ co-conservatives for years and has been advising on Dylan’s case since May. Montgomery eventually sided with Spears against his father Jamie and argued that he should have been removed from Britney’s case.

Dylan’s temporary guardianship is scheduled for November 30, but there will be a hearing before then. Burnett is not seeking guardianship over Dylan or Hamilton, but he wants to become a permanent legal guardian. Only time will tell if he gets what he wants.

Stories of the guardians around

Believe it or not, guardianship stories are a tabloid trope. Whenever outlets want to promote drama among members, they will typically cite a fight for legal protection. In 2019, New idea claimed Maddox Jolie-Pitt he wanted custody of his brothers. This never happened, and he and Jolie are still bonded.

Already in 2017, In contact reported that Paris Jackson he was attempting to secure custody of his younger brother Bigi. This was also invented and “Blanket” continued to grow completely out of the spotlight. It has only recently started talking to the press promote environmental efforts. Protections are not just a bad thing. If what Burnett says is true, then it looks like he’d better take care of Dylan for the foreseeable future.


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