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Why should characters pay more attention to their friends and enemies? See what Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey has to say about what’s happening on the daytime dial.

“When people show you who they are, believe them,” Maya Angelou advised. That goes double for soap opera characters.

Like Y&R’s Diane, who urged Jack to do exactly what Ashley warned him to do.

Jacob: “If there’s any way to stop Ashley’s coup attempt, I want to know.”
Diana: “His biggest fear is that I will have a more powerful role in Jabot. Why don’t we scare the hell out of her? Promote me.”

Diane was “dead” and buried for over a decade. She is now engaged to Jack, she lives in the Abbott mansion and trudges her way to Jabot’s executive suite.

Ashley saw Diane for what she was, but no one believed her, so naturally, she became falsely engaged to Tucker in the hopes that the union would stick.

Devon and Abby’s response to their “engagement” announcement was crickets.

Fatigue: “Don’t all talk at once.”
Ashley: “I’m trying to protect my family’s business.”
Abby: “That’s a terrible reason to plan a wedding.”

Devon and Abby dismissed Ashley’s fears that Diane would wreak havoc, but after hearing Ashley’s plan to join her “fiancé” in driving Jack out, Abby realized her mother wasn’t playing games.

Abby (to Devon): “I don’t know who I’m more worried about: your dad using my mom or my mom using him.”

Both! Elsewhere, the latest bad boy of the day is named Cameron and he’s after Sharon, just like Jeremy Stark was after Diane and Ashland Locke was after Victoria. Cameron’s flashbacks to the first time he stalked Sharon made it a bit more interesting, but we still have weeks of Weird Guy Lurking, which has been done to death on this show.

Plot, meet kettle. Move on.

B&B’s Taylor showed Brooke who she was long ago, but the “whore of the valley” gave her nemesis one more chance. Taylor stabbed Brooke in the back and then tried to sneak into Forrester’s business trip to get closer to her ex.

crest (to eric): “Taylor brought up the idea of ​​going to Rome with us.”

Not many moms go on a business trip with their kids, but Taylor is going to be Taylor.

Brooke: “You are not fashionable. You are a psychiatrist. You analyze people’s minds, not what they wear.”

The psychiatrist should talk to someone about it. And why is Taylor participating in a Hope For The Future planning session at Forrester? All the players had folders and projections, Carter was talking about international planning, and then…

Taylor (to Thomas): It’s not you we’re worried about. It is Hope.
Crest: “There are rumors that she might have feelings for you.”

Is this a business meeting or a scene from THE BACHELOR? If it had been the latter, I promise they would have removed all 900 scenes of everyone obsessing over whether Thomas and Hope have feelings for each other. The only person who should care about that is Liam, considering that his wife actually misses his former stalker.

Hope (to Brooke): “I can appreciate that Thomas is handsome and funny. Isn’t it normal to have thoughts and desires?”

Not about your stepbrother. It’s like Marcia Brady wanting Greg. No.

Kate from DAYS is one of the few Salemites to get a person’s number and act accordingly. After Megan kept her trapped on a fishing boat, there was no going back.

harris: “I’m going to have to find a job.”
Kate: “I would gladly pay you to get rid of Megan Hathaway. Megan tried to kill me, then she threw me into her brainwashed minion… no offense.
harris: “None taken.”

Harris’s suggestion that Kate poll her fellow victims Marlena and Kayla to see if they agreed with her idea of ​​”neutralizing” Megan fell on deaf ears.

Kate: “I’m the only one ruthless enough to take care of this situation.”

I wish Abe’s loved ones were so focused. His kidnapper is right under his nose and all signs have been lost, as has poor amnesiac Abe. But something stirred when he stuck in an old BODY & SOUL soap tape and saw a news bulletin of himself being elected mayor. The intelligence of that combined with the amnesia story on the soap was like a warm hug from the past. “Marlena” and “Kayla” sporting those high hairstyles and big shoulder pads to that da-da-dum music give off those KNOTS LANDING vibes!

Charlemagne: “What is this supposed truth you have up your designer’s sleeve?”
Cassandra: It was you who held Rhett’s twin brother, Thrust, against his will.

Push! Can I watch BODY & SOUL on Peacock? I would pay double for that.

Meanwhile, back in Abe’s living room…

abe: “Both Thrust and Rhett have amnesia? What are the chances of that?”
whitley: “That’s enough of the stories for one day.”


In GH, Joss fell for the shady Dex and immediately tried to change him.

Joss: Tell Sonny you want to go out.
Dex: “I do not want to go out. I have a high school diploma. Working for Sonny pays a lot more than an honest living and I’m good at it.”

Everyone in town knows exactly who Sonny is and most love him anyway. Unfortunately, Nina, who constantly makes instinctive moves that she later regrets, is the worst possible partner for a calm and methodical criminal like Sonny. She also has a habit of talking about her secrets in public about her so that people like Ned can overhear and arrest her.

Little girl: “You must have misunderstood.”
Ned: “When Sonny finds out you were the one who pointed Carly to the SEC, you and Sonny broke up.”

Unless Nina takes a page out of Sonny’s book and can show him that she’s been paying attention.

Son: “I have done things. Presumably.”

How that!

Hey. That is just my opinion.

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