Catholic priest who survived the kidnapping of a Haitian gang urges prayer for 17 kidnapped missionaries


On April 11, Catholic priest Jean-Nicaisse Milien, along with nine other priests and nuns, were about to install another church member as the leader of a new parish in Haiti.

When they reached the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, more than a dozen members of heavily armed gangs stopped their vehicle.

“I was kidnapped! I was kidnapped,” Milien said.

Milien told CBN News that the gang of 400 Mawozo, the same group behind the kidnapping of 17 missionaries in October, kidnapped him.

“What did they ask you?” CBN News asked Milien. “They asked for money. $ 1 million,” he replied.

One million dollars per person, the same amount required for the 16 Americans and a Canadian kidnapped last month after visiting a Haitian orphanage.

“My faith has helped me a lot,” Milien recalled.

Milien said the gang, made up mostly of young men and teenagers, would move them to different locations. Often blindfolded, they slept on the ground and had little to eat.

Milien said he and the others drew strength from the moments of prayer. They had a Bible that they would read when the guards weren’t there.

“We said a prayer time in the morning. A prayer time at noon and a prayer time at night,” he explained.

Milien’s freedom came 20 days later after her parish paid an undisclosed ransom amount to the gang.

This week, Milien celebrated mass in a church in Port-au-Prince and urged the faithful to pray for the safe release of the 17 missionaries.

A Mawozo gang leader has reportedly threatened to kill the missionaries if their ransom demands are not met.

“I ask all my friends to pray for the detained American and Canadian people,” Milien told CBN News.

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