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What is networking?

Sharing data with your friends and neighbors with the help of devices is considered a network. Through the network we can share information such as or how to file documents, files, emails, etc. The network uses wireless radio signals, electrical cables, fiber optic cables, and much more or much more.

The Internet interconnects with many computing devices, including smartphones, laptops, PCs, televisions, workstations, web cameras, security cameras, tablets, cars, etc. All of these devices are considered end systems or hosts or end devices. A user can recover his data with the help of networks. Protocols are defined in a wide variety of networks, such as the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layer model, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) layer model. Protocols of all transmission data.

OSI layers

  1. presentation layer
  2. data layer
  3. session layer
  4. application layer
  5. network layer
  6. physical layer
  7. transport layer

Learn about the benefits of networking and start your career in this domain with a decent package. There are a plethora of opportunities for network engineers. Start learning the networking course at CCNA Course in Chennai, experts from leading MNCs offer training to those new to ongoing projects. Professionals who are interested in going to the next level in a networking domain can also receive training at FITA Academy. Almost more than 10000 students benefited from this institute, take this opportunity and learn all about networking with the help of experts.

Today, many students are looking to pursue a career in the field of networking. Without learning networking courses, it would be difficult to get a job in this domain. CCNA certification will give your resume an added edge. enroll in Online CCNA Course to explore more.

CCNA Career Path

  1. System administrator
  2. Network Administrator
  3. IT manager
  4. network support engineer

CCNA certification demonstrates your ability to network. Those interested in networking can get training from experts.

Networks are everywhere

Networking is increasing in today’s world. The IT industry is highly dependent on networking, so this is the right time to learn all about networking in CCNA Course in Bangalore. Without network support, it would be difficult to share our files with others. Help businesses save money. Take advantage of this opportunity and have a wonderful career.

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