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Based in central Texas, electronic rock group Cedars recently released their new single, “Empire,” a song Mindy McCall described as “zero-fill alternative music that drives you crazy.”

Guided by Sandeigh Kennedy and Drew Heaton, Cecars melds elements of industrial and organic textures into complex soundscapes, revealing compelling stories. Their music fuses the DIY spirit of artists like The Pixies and PJ Harvey, along with haunting touches from Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

Speaking about his creative process, Cedars told Pete Devine: “Honestly, all of our music and our videos come from wanting to tell honest stories. Our music is born from personal experiences. We are a very close family and much of what we create comes from our conversations. Humanity, the mess of life, the shadows of who we are… it’s all fascinating and you can find us talking about sex, death and rock & roll most of the time. Much of what we create stems from that.”

The project is much more than just a band; It is a group of people who form a community. One based on the idea that beauty can save the world.

“Empire” unfolds in somber, surging tones that flow into a dark melody composed of alt-rock and prog-pop surfaces, vibrating with granular edginess. A thick bass line and crunchy percussion give the beat a murky urgency while Medusa-like vocals imbue the lyrics with an eerie gravity that’s at once seductive and portentous.

At once hauntingly evocative and drenched in subterranean angular nuances, “Empire” pulses with an unrelenting secret energy.

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