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Supporting our Health Leaders is the sole focus of the Social Health Network (SHN).

As a Health Union community, we welcome patients, caregivers and HCPs from all condition areas to bring empathy, support and humanity to healthcare through the power of social health.

How do we do this?

We have numerous resources, events, and opportunities to amplify your voice and impact as a health leader. Here are some examples of the ways we create content, resources, and opportunities for you to strengthen your reach as a leader in your condition community:

weekly community content

Check out our weekly articles in the community to learn skills like Expanding Your Value as a Patient Key Opinion Leader, What is a Patient Leader, and Tips for Getting Started with Advocacy. By signing up for a SHN account, you’ll also receive a weekly newsletter summarizing content, opportunities, and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Patient Leader Courses

Did you know that we have free courses on the SHN platform? From valuing your experience as a patient leader to using TikTok for healthcare advocacy and legislative advocacy for beginners, we’ve got resources for every step of the healthcare leadership journey. Be sure to check them out!

Health Leadership Resources

Not ready to take one of our courses yet, but want to gain some knowledge? Check out our bite-sized Health Leadership resources on the SHN platform.

Webinars, panels, networking events and more

SHN hosts webinars and events to teach skills and facilitate discussion within the community. After each event, we post replays on our SHN Community site and on the SHN Platform. You can view a recap of panels, webinars, and events like Using Social Media as a Patient Leader, Advocating for a Terminal Condition, Writing Your Story Workshop, and more. Please see our SHN platform resource page for a summary of our past events.

Paid Patient Leader Opportunities

Patient leaders should be fairly compensated for their time and expertise. From social media campaigns, content creation and moderation in our 40+ Health Union communities, speaking events, informational opportunities and more, you can always find an up-to-date list of opportunities available on the Social Health Network platform in our Information , collaboration opportunities and payment Concert Channel.

Directory of Patient Leaders

Looking to connect with patient leaders inside or outside of your condition area? Check out our Social Health Network Patient Leader Directory to connect with thousands of patients, caregivers and HCPs who are championing a cause.

Health Social Network Facebook group

Connect with other SHN Health Leaders by joining our private Facebook group.

Patient Leader Rewards

By interacting on the SHN platform, you will earn points to redeem for rewards. From LinkedIn recommendations to SHN promotional items and even gift cards, we have several different benefits for healthcare leaders to use to amplify their impact. Click here to see our current rewards.

Sociosanitary connection

Once a year, we hold the main event for patient leaders to connect, participate and learn. To learn more about our upcoming event, visit our Connection site.

Sociosanitary Awards

We also annually recognize and honor patient leaders in all communities who make an impact with our Social Health Awards. With 10 award categories, our goal is to highlight those who make a difference in all areas of healthcare leadership. To learn more about the program, visit our Social Health Awards site.

Come back to the Health Social Network and check our content often! We are always adding new resources, opportunities and events.

We look forward to supporting your health leadership journey, and we want you to know that we are always here for you. Feel free to contact our team at or send us a direct message on the SHN platform.

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