Check out this 673hp carbon-bodied SEMA Star Corvette


Chevy’s new 670 hp Z06 It might be the big draw for Corvette fans visiting this year’s SEMA show, but in serious danger of being eclipsed by this incredible C1, one of a pair produced for the event.

Created by Dave Kindig, the car fanatic behind Kindig-It Design and host of Motor Trend’s Bitchin ‘Rides, the twins, one silver, one white, claim to be 1953 Corvette C1, but are unrecognizable, at least in engineering terms, from warehouse C1 Your Chevy dealer would have sold 68 years ago.

Instead of a body in shonky glass fiber they come with carbon fiber shells and although we haven’t seen them in person, judged by these pictures the finish is light years beyond even the best restored original car. The distinctive restomod shape was designed by Kindig but executed by Doug’s Performance Corvette.

The bodies travel on a Roadster Shop Spec 7 chassis that rolls on giant Forgeline rims that measure 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the rear to give a properly SEMA look and are wrapped in modern Michelin Pilot S4 rubber.

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Those huge wheels not only look good, they also help give the C1 enough footprint to help take advantage of the monster tuned to Lingenfelter 7-liter V8 under the hood. Featuring Borla 8 Stack injection, the engine sends a serious 673PS and 618Nm of torque to the rear wheels via a GM Performance 4L80E automatic transmission.

This is a fair improvement over the weak 150hp buyers of the original obtained from its 235 cu-ins. (3.9 liters) you are straight, and even if the Kindig C1 can’t resist up with a new Z06, you can bet it cuts the stock C1’s lethargic 11.5-second 0-60 mph time in two, and then some. Power like that would be terrifying if you were to rely on the original ’53 car’s squeaky drum brakes at the end of a straight, but this pair features a Wilwood disc setup.

We always found it very early C1s type of dorky, but with these mods, we can suddenly see the appeal.

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