Chelsea Handler’s confidence in men ‘renewed’


Chelsea Handlerthe boyfriend has “renewed” [her] faith in men “.

Chelsea Handler is in love

The 46-year-old star found love with fellow comedian Jo Koy earlier this year after decades of friendship and finds it “warm” that he loves her as she is.

Chelsea gushed on Instagram: “Do you know how hot it is to have a man aroused by my honesty, strength and confidence? Someone who loves the fact that I won’t take anyone’s dick and isn’t intimidated or emasculated by my ferocity?

“Jo has renewed my faith in men.

And the former ‘Chelsea Lately’ host urged those who are still looking for love not to change for someone else and never “settle”.

He added: “For all those who are still looking for their person, don’t fix who you are or shrink down to find them. Be patient and never settle for anything less than what you deserve. Your person is coming and sometimes – they’ve been in. standing in front of you all the time. “

Chelsea recently described Jo as her “best friend”, but with extra perks.

He said, “I had my friend Jo Koy who has been in my life for a long time. He was in my old show ‘Chelsea Lately’ and, he and I were friends and he kept showing up and introducing himself and showing himself on. I was like” Mmmmm. “And then one day I looked at him and thought,” Oh, this is my boyfriend. So he’s like my best friend and I can have sex with him too. Fun time. “

The comedian admitted that the past few years have been “very daunting” in terms of personal life, but hoped her story would offer hope to others.

She said, “I know, and I have to say, if I fell in love at the age of 46, guys, I have hope for every person in this world.

“So anyone, if you have a friend in your life who you think you are not interested in or attracted to, remember my story and be open minded. Because the little things can pat you on the shoulder and then suddenly you see something. through a different lens. And, I mean, I would never talk about a man like this unless I meant it. “


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