China’s relentless efforts to abolish Christianity continue with clerical oversight to ensure loyalty


A report released by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) outlines strict measures taken by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which aims to oppress religious minorities.

The measures, which entered into force on May 1, is part of a series of newly issued regulations that add to the revised 2018 Regulations on Religious Affairs (RRA).

Clergy members of all five state-sanctioned Chinese religious groups – Chinese Buddhist Association, Chinese Taoist Association, Chinese Islamic Association, Three-Self Protestant Patriotic Movement and Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association – will be subjected to rigorous monitoring and surveillance by of the CCP.

“Article 3 of the measures requires the clergy – among other demands – to support the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government, the Chinese socialist political system and the CCP’s religion-sinicization policy, effectively imposing a political test for guarantee the loyalty of the clergy. to the CCP, “reads the USCIRF report.

The new regulations also prohibit government-licensed churches from interfering in any problem with citizens’ education or daily activities.

EXCIRF points out that Articles 6 and 12 prohibit the clergy from taking part in “illegal religious activities” and “foreign infiltration through religion”.

“These vague provisions could be used as a broad pretext to crack down on independent religious groups, ethnoreligious minority groups and religious groups with perceived foreign connections,” the USCIRF said.

CBN News reported last year that the Chinese government announced plans to rewrite the Bible and the Koran to “reflect socialist values.”

The new editions of the two books will not contain any content that goes against the beliefs of the Communist Party, according to The Daily Mail. Anything found incorrect by party officials will be edited or retranslated.

Preventive Education

The CCP has even gone so far as to try indoctrinate children just 3 years of believing that Christianity is an illegal religion.

Bitter winter, a religious freedom and human rights magazine, reported that nearly 100 kindergarten children in Jiaocheng District were taken on a tour of a science museum last month.

The journey began in a fun way as they learned to drive a train and ride a helicopter. Then the children aged 3 to 6 underwent a “preventative education” program and were warned that Christianity is a “Xie jiao” or evil cult.

Children were given illustrated brochures and then forced to watch cartoons that conveyed a negative message about Christianity. Indeed, one film portrayed the Church of Almighty God as evil. The characters in the video warned against his “superstition”.

China ranks 17th in the Open Doors 2021 chart World checklist of the countries where Christians suffer the greatest persecutions.

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