Chris Hemsworth allegedly angry at Elsa Pataky over negative comments about their marriage, unverified source said


And Chris Hemsworth inverted elsa pataky is an excessive sharing of their marriage? Around this time last year, a tabloid claimed that Pataky was “in bed” with Hemsworth after being a little too honest in an interview. Let’s take another look at the entry.

Chris Hemsworth furious with Elsa Pataky?

Twelve months ago, New idea reported Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have had a hard time. The report came shortly after an interview with Pataky Body + Soul magazine in which she called her marriage to Hemsworth “in no way perfect”. While both Pataky and Hemsworth were initially thrilled with the interview, Hemsworth panicked when “he found out there were these silly concerns and he was portrayed as a less-than-perfect husband.”

But the outlet speculated that Pataky he had his growing resentment towards Hemsworth. The Spanish actress “has put aside her hugely successful career in Spain to focus on Chris and their children,” the insider reminded the tabloid. “You have to remember that she was the famous one when they met – and he’s the first to say she’s the best actress. It must be incredibly frustrating, especially when something like this happens. He is an icon for Australians and still has his fan base in Spain ”.

Then, the tabloid revealed they were there too Moreover pressures on the couple relationship. Apparently, Hemsworth has been called back to Los Angeles for work. “He needs him in America – and the film bosses don’t care if Elsa is with him or not. He’s the $ 150 million Hollywood man right now. ”Pataky was terrified that Hemsworth would abandon her and the kids for work and break up their marriage further.

What’s happening at Hemsworth’s wedding?

While it’s true that Elsa Pataky said her marriage “wasn’t absolutely perfect”, she made sure to point it out. no marriage is perfect. In the full interviewPataky said: “There have been ups and downs, and we still continue to work on the relationship. I think a relationship is constant work. It’s not easy. “We doubt that there is a single married couple who would disagree or could not relate to Pataky’s comments, so we think it highly unlikely that Hemsworth had any problems with them.

In the year this report was released, not a single reliable source backed it up. From what we can tell, Hemsworth and Pataky have been doing great all this time. Indeed, in the last year Hemsworth has decided to bring projects to Australia to be close to Pataky and their children. And since Pataky’s Instagram page is filled with adorable photos of her and Hemsworth, we’re assuming they’re fine.

The tabloid on Chris Hemsworth

We know better than trust anything New idea he says of Hemsworth or Pataky. Last year, the outlet followed up on this report with one claiming that Pataky was pregnant. Then the magazine reported Hemsworth had a feud with Jason Momoa. Then the magazine claimed Hemsworth was begging Russell Crowe to make another Gladiator movie. And more recently, the alleged publication Hemsworth had a feud with Terri Irwin. Clearly, New idea it is not reliable when it comes to Thor star.


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