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His hit drama, We areended its six-season run in 2022, but Chrissy Metz she still carries her popular character, Kate, with her. “Any character you play, you get so close,” says Chrissy, 42. Near. “You become them, they are you. You don’t know where you stop and they begin”.

The Emmy and two-time Golden Globe nominee has been keeping busy. In February, she saw the publication of her children’s book and album, When I talk to God, I talk about you. She also garnered rave reviews for her recent portrayal of a prescription drug-addicted mother in the independent feature stay awake. “It’s really important to talk about these things,” Chrissy says of the film, which is based on a true story. “Once the fear of addressing it is gone, there can be some healing and empathy.”

What are some of your favorite memories of ‘This Is Us’?

“I think any of the weddings, whether it’s Kate’s wedding or any of the flashbacks. I’m always a fan of wedding montages or episodes. There were also so many great scenes! See Jack (blake stadnik) grow up to become this highly successful artist after Rebecca (Mandy Moore) tried to pursue her dreams as a singer. It was really nice to see Jack do that. I thought it was very special.”

You also had the opportunity to sing on the show.

“Yes, music has always been my first love.”

Did you always want to be a singer?

“When I was 6 or 7 years old, I thought I would be a marine biologist. Then I realized that you really have to study hard and dedicate yourself to science. I thought a marine biologist was swimming with dolphins! Then he wanted to be a therapist. Finally, when I got to high school, I was like, ‘Oh, I really want to sing.’”

Did your parents support you?

“As much as they could be. Financially, I come from humble beginnings. After my parents divorced, my mother was really a single mother and she did the best she could. But she always supported me emotionally in everything she wanted to do.

You became a star and a role model on ‘This Is Us.’ Were you surprised?

“It’s interesting because I always say that I’m just a work in progress. I’m just figuring it out as I go. I think that’s what we’re all doing. But if people think I’m a role model because they can relate and they know I’m just like them, then that’s great.”

In ‘Stay Awake’, you play a drug-addicted mother. What attracted you to the role?

“When I first met the director, I thought, ‘My God, I love him.’ He felt like a brother. The film is loosely based on the story of him and his brother. It was very important not to vilify Michelle, the mother I play. I know what addiction is like. I have friends who have experienced it. I have a problem with food: I know how it haunts our minds and infiltrates our lives. I want people to know that they are not alone.”

That’s adorable. He also started his own wine label, Joyful Heart.

“Yeah! To me, wine always seemed so pretentious and I didn’t get it. People would smell and taste, and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then I started learning about it. It’s been a really cool experience.”

Does the name have a special meaning?

“I like to go through life with a happy heart. You know, you bring a bottle of wine with a light heart to a Sunday dinner or a friend’s house. It’s communal, you’re breaking bread with people. It’s also great that $1 of the proceeds from each bottle go to World Central Kitchen. It’s very important to me to be able to give back.”

You recently published a children’s book and music with your boyfriend, Bradley Collins, called ‘When I Talk to God, I Talk About You.’ How did that happen?

“I taught preschool. The children always loved to sing, and they loved when we read them stories. The book’s foundation is a gentle introduction to prayer, so a children’s album felt like a natural extension. The songs are all about reinforcing young minds and hearts with encouragement, self-esteem, and unconditional love. As my grandmother always said, ‘singing is like praying twice’. I love that.

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Do you have a favorite song from the album?

“I love you all, but one of the songs is called ‘Learning to Be Brave.’ I know from life experience that no matter how old you are, we are all still learning to be brave. Is not easy. You are not born with courage or bravery. It’s really cultivated.”

Does spirituality play an important role in your life?

“Oh, that’s all. I mean, it keeps me grounded and helps guide my decisions, my thoughts, my actions. It’s something I need. It’s also a great base for everything.”

You now live in Los Angeles. What do you like most about your house?

“I’ll have to say my dog, because he lives here with us. Besides, that he even owns a house is a miracle. It’s something that every day I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. Wow, this is not for rent, I earned it.’ Coming from humble beginnings, it wasn’t like he was from an Ivy League school or anything. He stuns me. So, I think the fact that he even owns a house is miraculous.”

What do you do to be healthy?

“I love swimming. I also like to lift weights. It makes me feel strong. I take my vitamins and herbal supplements. I also keep a gratitude list. I leave at least 10 things I’m grateful for before I reach for my phone. Usually, This is how I start my days.”

What’s on your wish list?

“I would love to do a Broadway show. I would love to write and direct a movie. At some point, I would love to have my own production company. I would love to travel more.”

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