Clare Crawley, Jeff Dye Dating After Dale Moss, Kristin Cavallari Splits


Another rose? Bachelorette party Clare Crawley and Jeff Dye may be dating after their respective breakups with Dale Moss and Kristin Cavallari.

A month after her split from Dale, Clare was seen with Jeff, a comedian and former boyfriend of Kristin, at a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. A source said HollywoodLife on November 5, 2021, that Clare is “done with Dale” and ready to start dating again.

“Clare and Jeff met in Los Angeles through mutual friends this week,” the insider said. They’ve been out two days in a row now, at the Alo House and at an LA Lakers game. He might be coming to one of his comedy shows this weekend in San Diego. He’s completely done with Dale. ”Clare and Jeff, 38, looked friendly at the game – the comedian wrapped string around the reality star’s neck, as seen in the video above.

According to Lifestyle, Clare and Jeff attended the Lakers game in November 2021. They also attended an Alo Yoga event again, which they documented on their Instagram accounts. Clare and Jeff also followed each other on social media.

Dale and Clare met The bachelorette party season 16 in 2020, where she received the First Impression Rose. In a rare move for Bachelor Nation, Dale and Clare decided to leave together after the third rose ceremony. But before they left, they had a final squad ceremony, where Dale proposed to Clare and Clare gave him her final squad. In January 2021, Dale announced that he and Chiara broke up after less than a year together.

At the time, there were also rumors that Dale had cheated on Clare with Eleonora Srugo, a New York real estate agent Dale had been friends with before The bachelorette party. “Dale told Clare their relationship was simply business related. Clare has always been skeptical, “a source told E! News at the time.” She never trusted friendship and thought it was shady. “The source continued:” Dale always reassured Clare that it was nothing. serious, [but] multiple people told Clare that Dale was parading around New York with this girl “Clare was confronting him about his relationship and trying to question him about it, but he always denied it.” Both Srugo and Dale have denied the rumors at the time.

Six months after their split, Us Weekly confirmed in July 2021 that Dale and Clare were back together and engaged again. In September 2021, news came that Dale and Clare broke up for a second time. “It was better for them to go their separate ways right now. They will still support each other and love each other no matter what happens, “a source told Us Weekly at the time.” They have different visions for their future. Wedding planning wasn’t happening, which made Clare really upset. He wants to be in Sacramento to be close to his family, especially his mom who’s not well. Dale wants to stay in New York. They’ll still support each other and love each other, whatever happen “.

At that time, there were also rumors that Dale and Abigail Heringer, a competitor of The bachelor season 15 with Matt James, he had “hooked up” before his split with Clare. The rumors began when a source told celebrity Instagram account @DeuxMoi in September 2021 that a hen partyand winner and a recent Graduation in heaven the contestant had “connected” when the winner and his bachelorette party were on “break”. “A Bachelor favorite has joined a recent Bachelor Nation” winner “who * may or may not have * been on hiatus earlier this year. One of them is on Paradise right now, but the producers won’t spoil. her nice girl change, “the source said. Another source also confirmed the rumor and claimed that the Graduation in heaven the competitor was from Matt’s Bachelor season.

Based on context clues, fans assumed that Abigail, who was on Matt’s Bachelor season and Graduation in heaven season 7, was the woman in the story, while Dale, who was the winner of The bachelorette party season 16 with Clare Crawley, he was the man in the storytelling. Abigail and Dale also both live in New York City. A source for Us Weekly Rumors at the time also confirmed, however, the insider claimed that Dale and Abigail “hooked up” long before she was on Graduation in heaven and Abigail had told her friends of the meeting “with the impression that he and Clare no longer meant it.”

Clare fueled rumors that Dale and Abigail “bonded” when she confirmed her separation from Dale in an Instagram post in September 2021, in which she tagged Abigail. “I hate having to say it, but in response to all the questions that are coming to me right now,” he wrote. “I’m choosing not to talk about the details of my relationship right now, because at the end of the day anyone can put on an ACT or put the words together to form any narrative they want.” (Abigail later took off the tag.)

Another Us Weekly source, however, denied that Abigail and Dale were ever romantics and claimed they were just friends. “They met once at New York City flag football which was attended by a Bachelor’s group. Everyone went to a bar later, they didn’t sleep together. He never cheated on Clare, “the insider said.” They never kissed or had sex. Dale is friends with Abigail. “

As for Jeff, the comedian dated Kristin Cavallari from October 2020 to March 2021. The relationship came after Kristin’s divorce from her husband, Jay Cutler, after seven years of marriage. A source told Us Weekly at the time of Kristin and Jeff’s split that their romance had simply run its course. “Kristin is doing her thing and focusing on building her Uncommon James brand,” the insider said.

The bachelorette party is available to stream on Hulu.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Books.

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