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Clare Crawley removed breast implants after health problems

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Getting answers. Clare crawley opened up about her ongoing health issues, revealing that she will have breast implants removed to improve her overall well-being.

“I share this in the hope that it can help others who are going through something similar to feel not so alone,” Crawley, 40, wrote via Instagram on Saturday July 3, along with a video explaining his recent absence from social media. “I feel like it was important to share this so it can be a resource for anyone who is going through this as well.”

She added: “I know that being your own health advocate is sometimes difficult and can seem like an uphill battle. However, this is the reality of life for many people! I am incredibly grateful to all the people in my life who support me not only on my peaks but also in the valleys. ❤️ “.

Clare crawley Courtesy of Clare Crawley / Instagram

The former single explained in the clip that she has been going through medical problems with her body that she has had no answers for for “years.” Previously, you kept the ups and downs of your health journey private in hopes of getting answers and having an action plan to feel better.

“My skin has had very bad hives and a rash. My whole body is inflamed and itches. I had blood work done after blood work. That’s not my only symptom, “he said of his struggles.” It’s very frustrating. Everything came to a head about a month ago when I was at the chiropractor. I have implants, but behind one of them was a big packet of fluid. “

The Sacramento, California native had a mammogram to see what was going on behind her breast implants, which was when doctors noticed “pockets of fluid” behind the implants. Crawley learned that his white blood cell count over the past five years has “increased,” which doctors believe is related to his implants.

Bachelorette's Clare Crawley Reveals Breast Implants Will Be Removed After Health Issues, Receives Support From Dale Moss

Clare crawley ABC / Craig Sjodin

“My body is fighting [my implants]”He explained, noticing that his glands are still swollen. “My body cannot heal. My body is constantly in fight mode. Everything makes sense “.

The Bachelor’s Winter Games The student pointed out that, although she “loved” having her implants, “I love my health more. I love my well-being more. “

Crawley continued: “I was talking to Valley [Moss] the other day and she said, ‘Your boobs aren’t what makes you beautiful.’ And it is the truth. For a long time I believed that was what it would take. For me, this is the ultimate love story. It is enough to love the body to know that this is not what makes me beautiful. My health and happiness is what matters. “

Moss, 32, who began dating Crawley after meeting on season 16 of High school in 2020 before breaking up in January and getting back together a month later, he praised their love for her outspokenness.

“I am very proud of you for sharing this love,” replied the model. “I know this was not easy, but it will help many other women go through what you have been experiencing. I love you and with you every step of the way❤️ “.

Chrishell Reservoir Crawley also applauded her vulnerability amid the reality star’s health journey.

“I’m so glad he’s getting answers and I hope he’s healthy soon🙏🏼”, Selling sunset star, 39, wrote. “Your beauty radiates from within and you and we are all MUCH more than our shells. 💕😘. “

Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade roper He commented, “I send you so much love, Clare! Glad you finally got answers and hope this fixes all your inflammation and health issues. I will be thinking of you and I wish you the best! “

A day later, Crawley took to his Instagram story to congratulate his fans on their continued support. “I just wanted to come and thank everyone for all the messages,” he said Sunday, July 4. “All the people who relate to what I’m going through are unreal. It means everything to me. “

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