Clark County Politics: Will’s “Never Trumper” Rave. – News Block

Sometimes in politics, even seasoned professionals replace reality with what they want. Will is the preeminent “Never Trumper” who left the Republican Party in June 2016 for Trump, and like most Never Trumpers, he always jumps at the chance to shill RINO at the expense of conservatives…and anyone but Trump or Trump Light.

that the super leftist Washington Post Posted this nonsense tells itself. But the gaping hole in WILL’s harangue is simple:

He doesn’t name anyone else he thinks WILL be the nominee.

But is it a coincidence that Will’s wife, Mari Will, is working on Senator Tm Scott’s (R-SC) presidential campaign?

This, your rant devoid of facts is not a reality… it is much more a hope… a wish… an outcome that you are probably praying for. But 2016 also proved him wrong, as he did so many other supposedly Republican talking heads.

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