CNN talks dirty about Kamala’s rocky relationship with Joe … Political hell breaks loose


If you are a regular reader of, you know we have told you about an ongoing “shadow war” between Team Kamala and Team Joe.


And basically, that means it’s a passive / aggressive behind-the-scenes “war” where each side uses the media to “shadow” the other. And if you pay attention to which store is posting which stories, you can see who is on which side.

For example, CNN is definitely “Team Joe”. They regularly put out hit songs about Kamala. This means that when Team Joe wants to take a picture of Kamala, he heads to his friends on CNN.

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We know this “shadow war” is ongoing because former OANN reporter and current editor of Human Events, Jack Posobiec, shared information he received from his very reliable “source” in the White House.

And speaking of Jack, he just shared a tweet on that very subject, and it involves the guys from CNN’s “Team Joe” who unleashed a bomb on Team Kamala with a scandalous piece.

Jack says they are trying to “chase” her away from the administrator.

Here’s what Jack said: “CNN’s entire home page is dedicated to WH Shade War Team B has launched its full-scale assault on Team K as they try to chase it from the Human Events Daily admin listeners months before the curve.”

Jack shared a screenshot from a CNN article titled “Harris struggles with her relationship with Biden”

CNN did not hold this piece. They raked Kamala over the coals.


Tired of what they see as ingrained dysfunction and a lack of focus, West Wing’s top aides have largely raised their hands to Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff, simply deciding there is no time to deal with them in this time, especially at a time when President Joe Biden is quickly addressing multiplying legislative and political concerns.
Exasperation runs in both directions. Interviews with nearly three dozen former and current Harris aides, administration officials, Democratic agents, donors and outside consultants – who have spoken extensively with CNN – reveal a complex reality within the White House. Many in the vice president’s circle are angry that she hasn’t been properly prepared or positioned, and instead has been sidelined. The same vice president has told several confidants that she feels limited in what she is able to do politically. And those around her remain wary of hinting at future political ambitions as well, with Biden’s team very sympathetic to the signs of disloyalty, particularly from the vice president.

He’s a heartbeat away from the presidency now. It could be just a year after launching a presidential campaign of his own, given the doubts across the political world that Biden will actually move forward with a re-election offer in 2024, something he has pledged to do publicly and privately. Or she will be a critical validator in three years for a president trying to get the country to re-elect him to serve up to 86.

Few of the insiders who have spoken to CNN think she is well prepared for whatever role she will be. Harris is struggling with a difficult relationship with parts of the White House, while longtime supporters feel abandoned and don’t see a consistent public sense of what he has done or tried to do as Vice President. Being the first woman, and the first woman of color, in an elected national office is historic, but it also came with boundless control and no forgiveness for even small mistakes, as she will often point out.

It was so bad that Jen Psaki jumped online and offered Kamala some (probably false) reassurance.

Here’s what Jen said: โ€œFor anyone who needs to hear it. @VP is not only a vital partner for @POTUS, but a bold leader who has addressed the key and important challenges facing the country, from voting rights to addressing the root causes of migration to broadband expansion โ€.

Sure, Jen.

It’s all for the show. It’s a “CYA” move.

The piece also says that Team Biden has a plan to get rid of Kamala. They claim their internal sources say the plan is to appoint Kamala to SCOTUS (my God, no), and let her ride into political sunset like that.

The piece also said this: When Biden picked Harris as his running mate, he was essentially heralding her as the future of the Democratic Party. Now many of those close to her feel like she is shirking her political duties to promote it, and essentially preparing her for failure. Her fans are in a panic, watching her poll numbers drop even lower than Biden’s, worried that even the grassroots Democratic vote is starting to give in on her.



It is highly unlikely that Team Obama will allow Joe – a complete and utter disaster – to run in 2024, the “mail-order scam” will be hard to pull off at that level again. So, my guess is that they want to handle someone completely new. No Joe. No Kamala.


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