CNN tried to steal Rachel Maddow from MSNBC with a monstrous offer


CNN chief Jeff Zucker tried to hire Rachel Maddow away from MSNBC, which resulted in Maddow’s current home offering her more money for less work.

Through AdWeek:

A report It emerged Thursday that CNN’s Jeff Zucker recently offered MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow about $ 20 million a year to anchor the upcoming CNN + streaming service. The news was reported by Matt Beloni of Puck News, citing a source.

CNN’s attempt to lure Maddow apparently caused NBCUniversal to “rush to promise her more money and less work to stay, which it did,” Beloni writes in her What I’m Hearing … newsletter.

What if Rachel Maddow went to CNN?

A move by Rachel Maddow to CNN, even if she were to lead their new streaming service, would have been an event that would change the landscape in cable news. CNN has spent years finishing behind Maddow on the cable news charts, so getting it would have given them an edge in the rankings and stolen the top-rated guest from the competition.

It is unclear how MSNBC will fill the void left by Maddow when it cuts its workload in 2022, but losing the network’s face to competition would have been devastating.

MSNBC has no one else who has the Maddow type of audience and is able to do the same style of programming. Despite all the strengths of the other MSNBC hosts, none of them have the unique combination of talents that led Rachel Maddow to success. Also, if Maddow left MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell, who has been saying for years that he’d like to return to script and Hollywood, would probably move on too.

At the end, Rachel Maddow, who wanted to reduce her workload, got what she wanted and had to stay at home, and CNN is still struggling to get out of third place.


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