CNN-WaPo Fact Check nails the GOP


When your platform is – literally – based on the whims of a man with no principle beyond self-promotion, the “message” can be a bit of a problem. There aren’t many things that MAGAs can point to and say, “It was better under Trump!”

So apparently Republicans MAGA are avoiding this problem altogether by mixing things that happened under Trump with what happened under Biden, leaving the viewer with the impression that Biden is within days of the country’s destruction. The ads are unreliable, four Pinocchios,

According to CNN:

The 30 second announcement by the National Republican Congressional Committee, titled “Chaos”, begins with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicting “bold progress for the people when we have President Joe Biden in the White House.” He then contrasts Pelosi’s words with a series of bursting photos and videos depicting scenes of violence and turmoil in the United States and abroad.

Parts of that quick edit, however, are highly misleading.

Many of us would have been completely stunned if the first big ad of 2022 had been rated entirely trustworthy and truthful. Stunned.

: At least three of the images in the Republican ad were actually taken in 2020, during the Trump administration, not during the Biden administration in 2021.

Does it have a tinge of racism to go with the lies? Yes, it does, indicative that MAGAs intend to run what worked every time it worked:

At the 17 second mark, the ad shows flames rising around an elevated sign that reads “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. As Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel stressed Monday, this image is from Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, during the riots that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake. (The sign it belonged to a unitary universalist church.)

Were the Republicans embarrassed? Did they fire some interns and apologize? Pff:

Berg has not apologized for the use of the images in the announcement since 2020. In Twitter messages to CNN, he defended the announcement by saying that Democrats “have actively supported and encouraged the riots in 2020” and that Biden in particular “has actively encouraged protests “.

But again, this is the inevitable result of a party representing nothing but itself and its belief that it must rule the nation. The only policies the GOP advocates are cuts in taxes and regulations, things that cost the rich money and take away from the poor or the commons.

They cannot indicate the programs they want to implement. They don’t have any. They cannot aim for great successes (they behave as if COVID is some kind of accident and nothing could have mitigated it). The stock market, which Trump has always indicated, is also hitting highs below Biden. Anything that could point to Trump, inflation, supply problems, can be traced back to shipping problems rooted in COVID concerns that prices are raising. Republicans overlook that Americans with children have at least $ 250 more a month to deal with those. prices … thanks to the Democrats.

Meanwhile, the US is about to Build Back Better, spending a lot of money doing it

Democrats are not above low-ball tactics. They happen. But Democrats don’t normally lie outright about something because – at least for the past five years – there has been literally nothing to be gained by lying. Facts have supported the Democrats for some time now.

Perhaps Republicans are only starting to notice now that they need to come up with some sort of message for 2022.


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