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Columnist apologizes for interplay with Caitlin Clark

Gregg Doyel of The Indianapolis Superstar apologized on Wednesday evening for his “clumsy and awkward” interplay with Caitlin Clark right through the Indiana Fever rookie’s introductory information convention.

The sports activities columnist next printed a piece apologizing at once to the Incorrect. 1 total select for being “part of the problem” on Wednesday.

“I’m devastated to realize I’m part of the problem. I screwed up Wednesday during my first interaction with No. 1 overall draft pick Caitlin Clark of the Indiana Fever,” Doyel wrote. “What happened was the most me thing ever, in one way. I’m sort of known locally, sigh, for having awkward conversations with people before asking brashly conversational questions. I’ve done this for years with Colts coaches Chuck Pagano, Frank Reich and Shane Steichen. I’ve done it with Purdue players Carsen Edwards and Zach Edey. I did it with IU’s Romeo Langford, talking to them as people, not athletes.”

He identified that the entire names he indexed had been males and that “on the one hand, yes absolutely, male and female athletes should be treated the same,” in regard to “coverage, respect, compensation, terminology, you name it.”

Doyel wrote that he’s realized that he must be “more aware about how (he talks) to people — not just athletes.”

“In my haste to be clever, to be familiar and welcoming (or so I thought), I offended Caitlin and her family,” he wrote. “After going through denial, and then anger — I’m on the wrong side of this? Me??? — I now realize what I said and how I said it was wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean it was just wrong. Caitlin Clark, I’m so sorry.”

With Clark and alternative uber-talented freshmen becoming a member of the WNBA in 2024, reputation shape ladies’s basketball is at the stand. Confidently there received’t be many extra cringeworthy moments like what took place on Wednesday to overshadow what will have to be a celebratory life for the game.

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