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Hello sports enthusiasts; I’m starting a new blog series looking at a piece of innovative content across multiple platforms in the combat sports landscape. These channels include TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and YouTube.

RilxWils optimizing video formats

RilxWills Podcast Discussion Accompanied With Tommy Fury Content

You have probably seen many video formats like this. They are a fantastic way to illustrate content in the form of a podcast or interview-based content to make it easier for the user to consume information. 💡

Bryce Hall Honesty

Bryce Hall Twitter post accompanied by boxing footage

The American influencer recently shared some images on his Twitter account of his training. Although not exactly what you would expect, they are combat images that illustrate his flaws. As a boxing enthusiast, you’re probably thinking, “Why the hell are you doing that!?!”. However, when it comes to social media, it’s imperative to be authentic with your audience to ensure you build a strong relationship with them. This is evident by the level of commitment Bryce has received.

Keep it casual!

Casuals Corner TikTok Post

As a UK MMA fan, it’s always hard to stay awake and watch a UFC card when it takes place in the US. However, Casuals Corner MMA has created content that shows what they do with food for help them stay awake at night. 👀

The food looks amazing and it’s the kind of content that TikTok’s algorithm will appreciate a lot, considering the popularity of food on social media.

Fury against Ngannou. A hellish trailer

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou trailer

The gypsy king will face the Cameroonian in a boxing match in a few months! Even though I’m personally not a fan of this fight, I can’t help but admire how the trailer was put together. 💡

The only thing that stands out to me are the voiceovers! Sports is a fan-run industry, full of opinions and thoughts; therefore, when creating content, drive the subject matter of the content through that 🌟

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