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Welcome to the second edition of the combat sports roundup! This week, we have a wide range of content that will blow your mind about the strategies that make them attractive and compelling!

FC Barcelona already has the sponsorship of PRIME

TikTok video promoting the recent partnership between PRIME and FC Barcelona.

KSI and Logan Paul have taken multiple industries by storm since they introduced PRIME to the world of content. 💦

FC Barcelona held a short Q&A session to test JJ and Logan’s knowledge of the club, and some great transitions and effects were used to optimize the small content that TikTok’s algorithms appreciate. 📈

Narration on YouTube 📹

Last uploaded on Anthony Joshua’s YouTube channel

None other than former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua returns to YouTube with a narrative illustrating his stamina, an overview of his latest fight, and more. 🌟

There’s no denying how marketable the Watford guy is with his personal brand. What caught my eye from this article, however, was how the video used third-party traffic via his social channel descriptions along with voiceovers of him via archived clips of him training and fighting. 💡

Whether you are an established fighter or not, it is highly recommended to display narrative-themed content to create authentic connections with your audience. When that starts to play out, you can start getting more sponsorship opportunities to maximize monetization. 💡

The threads are underrated

Twitter thread illustrating the key updates during the Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski event.

Shout out to Octagon Obsessed for this content! For the true fans of the UFC, you will know how close the fight was between Makhachev and Volkanovski.

It was an absolute war and quite possibly the fight of the year. Although the way in which a thread has been used to illustrate the narrative is convincing and appeals to the consumer 💡

Welcome Instagram threads to the social media sphere

Screenshot of Gilbert Burns mocking Twitter by launching Instagram threads.

None other than Durinho has left his mark on the Instagram threads! The social media landscape is evolving to imitate other for-profit platforms and become the go-to app for as wide an audience as possible. 💡

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