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Hello sports enthusiasts; I’m starting a new blog series looking at a piece of innovative content across multiple platforms in the combat sports landscape. These channels include TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and YouTube.

Cage Titans Octagon Advertisement

TikTok post for the promotion of MMA, Cage Titans

In combat sports, the ring announcement is a big part of what builds the appetite before a fight. 👀

Cage used this well on his TikTok, illustrating one of his wrestlers in a Captain America outfit. 🗽

It is fun, entertaining and attractive. Three key ingredients for TikTok content to work 💡

What is your favorite food?

A recent Instagram post from an Instagram fan account titled Casuals Corner MMA

Casuals Corner MMA posted a remix of Sean Strickland mentioning that his favorite food is burgers and then followed up with a quick tutorial on burgers. 🍔

Food tutorials are hot on IG and TikTok, amazing content showcasing the unique creativity available through Instagram. 🌟

Sportico uses a Twitter reach optimization tactic.

Sportico Tweet Related to a Recent Jake Paul Trade Move

With the good news that Jake’s Betr Media raised $35M, to ensure this was heard by as many consumers as possible, Sportico made sure his tweet had a full stop from the start!

If the tweet started with Jake Paul’s @, it would be classified as a reply, which means it would spread to fewer accounts on Twitter. 💡

Amazing how small tactics like this can make such a difference. 🌟

Adesanya vlogging with none other than Logan Paul

YouTube video of UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya

Unsurprisingly, the videos from Israel look well engaged, witty, and convincing. Including the thumbnail.

However, video is exactly the kind of context and topic for what works on YouTube. Giving fans an idea of ​​something new that they can try themselves.

Having the combination of Logan and Adesanya’s reach compiled into one video will always work efficiently.

What do you think of those pieces of content? If there’s anything you feel I’ve missed, please let me know!

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