Companies Jack Nicklaus and Nicklaus announce a new relationship with the generational group


DALLAS, March 30, 2021 – Generational Group, the leading mid-market investment bank for private firms, is pleased to announce that it has signed a sponsorship agreement and strategic marketing alliance with Jack Nicklaus and the Nicklaus Companies. The three-year agreement will make Generational an investment banking partner of Nicklaus Companies to help entrepreneurs plan strategic growth, business valuation, exit strategies and multigenerational planning.

Generational’s financial services suite includes mergers and acquisitions, business advisory and wealth advisory services.

Jack Nicklaus is one of the most iconic brands in the world, not only in the world of sports but also in global business. Commonly known as the “Golfer of the Century”, with a record of 18 major championships, Nicklaus is also a renowned and successful entrepreneur and entrepreneur, having created dozens of companies over 50 years. In 2007, Nicklaus partnered with famed entrepreneur, banker and philanthropist Howard Milstein to institutionalize his brands and global business, which is similar to Generational clients, looking to monetize their business and establish a legacy for future generations. .

Ryan Binkley, President & CEO of Generational said, “We are thrilled to have developed a strategic partnership with Jack and the Nicklaus companies. He is respected around the world and we are honored and privileged to have our companies aligned. The Nicklaus brand is synonymous with excellence and integrity, which is perfectly linked to Generational’s core values. In addition, many entrepreneurs love golf, which creates an extraordinary synergy with our customer base. “

The strategy for Nicklaus Companies is to partner with the industry leader in each market segment or product category, where appropriate. As a result, the Nicklaus brands have enjoyed successful and long-term relationships around the world, some of which are in their 50s. The relationship with the Generational Group will help further develop the brand for both organizations.

“I’ve always been proud of trying to find the right partners, both in golf and in business,” said Nicklaus, founder of the Nicklaus Companies. “The Generational Group is family owned, think alike and we share many of the same core values ​​in both life and business. I have always believed in the importance of creating a legacy and leaving the best things to the next generation. It is part of Generational’s mission. They are focused on what a client is trying to accomplish in business, in life and for future generations. “

“I know how important and how exciting it is to create a company and build it over many years in the hope that one day I can provide for the next generation,” added Nicklaus. “This is exactly why I teamed up with Howard Milstein and because I believe we identify so well with the customers and prospects of the Generational Group. ”

“Jack Nicklaus is the gold standard,” said Howard Milstein, executive president of Nicklaus Companies. “Beyond golf – where he left such an indelible mark – what Jack has accomplished in business and philanthropy is just as extraordinary. Perhaps there is no greater responsibility or honor than being charged with protecting and valuing this legacy. We look forward to working closely with the Generational Group to establish the success of both of our companies. “

Information on the generational group

Generational Equity, Markets of generational capital (FINRA / SIPC member), Generational wealth consultants, Generational Consulting Group Other DealForce are part of the Generational Group, which is based in Dallas and is one of North America’s leading mid-market investment banks.

With more than 250 professionals located across North America, companies help entrepreneurs unleash the wealth of their business by providing growth, merger, acquisition and wealth management consulting services. Their six-step approach includes strategic and tactical advice for growth, exit planning training, business valuation, value enhancement strategies, merger and acquisition transactional services, and wealth management.

M&A Consultant has named the company Investment Banking Company of the Year 2017 and 2018 and Valuation Company of the Year 2020. For more information visit or the

Information on Nicklaus companies

For 50 years, Nicklaus Companies’ mission has been to enhance the golf experience and provide quality branded products and services on a global basis that mirror the high standards set in the career and life of its founder, Jack Nicklaus. The activities of Nicklaus Companies include golf course design, development of golfing and real estate communities and the marketing and licensing of lifestyle products worldwide under the iconic Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear brands. Nicklaus Design, recognized as a world leader in golf course design, has created over 420 courses worldwide, open to play in 45 countries and 40 US states.

In 2007, Jack Nicklaus partnered with Howard Milstein to help drive the company and expand the brand’s businesses. In addition to institutionalizing Nicklaus brands for the future, Milstein instilled a personal philosophy of “A Brand That Returns”, with products and partners pledging to make donations to help the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and other charities. Leading entrepreneur in the golf industry, Milstein has also created 8AM Golf, a family of companies that also includes GOLF Magazine and, Miura Golf, Club Conex, True Spec Golf, GolfLogix Other chirping. They all share a common mission to help players at all levels enjoy the game more. We leverage our winning heritage to achieve excellence, foster growth and promote social good. We activate modern strategies and techniques to improve the lives of our clients and meet the high standards set in Jack Nicklaus’ career and life.


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