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Tap to pay NFC logo on the side of an Electrify America charging station
Justin Duino / Geek Review

Most credit cards and smartphones now support contactless payments. And while this new payment method is convenient, it always comes with some guesswork: You have to hold your phone or card in the right place. Fortunately, this should change in the next few years.

The NFC Forum has just released a new “technology roadmap,” which includes several planned enhancements to the NFC standard. As you may know, NFC (Near-Field Communication) is responsible for tap-to-pay services, local file sharing, Nintendo Amiibo toys, and wireless charging on some fitness trackers.

One of the biggest goals of the NFC Forum is greater wireless range. Current NFC connections require a range of 5mm or less. The NFC Forum is aiming for a range between 30mm and 40mm, though it notes that even a small increase in range would greatly improve contactless payment technology.

Other improvements include an increase in NFC wireless charging speeds, something that could open the door for innovative hardware. That being said, the NFC Forum expects an NFC charging speed of 3 watts, so this technology would be relegated to extremely low power devices.

And we will have to wait a few years for these improvements. The NFC Forum’s roadmap stretches to 2028, and there’s no telling how long it will take for improved NFC hardware to make its mark on smartphones and other products.

Source: NFC Forum

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