Coral Gables Tesla Crash: 90 MPH on 30 MPH Street

Security investigators discover the Tesla Model 3 was doing 90 mph before 2 were killed in an accident in Florida.

– A Coral Gables Tesla crash involved a Model 3 traveling at 90 mph through an intersection before it hit two trees and caught fire, killing the 20-year-old driver and his 19-year-old passenger.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its preliminary report on the fatal accident indicating that the Tesla Model 3 reached a top speed of 90 mph on the 30 mph residential road.

Additionally, current evidence indicates that the brake pedal was never applied.

The accident in Florida occurred just before 9pm on September 13, 2021, as the 2021 Tesla Model 3 was traveling north on Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables.

Data from the damaged event data recorder (EDR) shows that Model 3 accelerated through the intersection, left the roadway, crashed into two trees and caught fire.

According to NTSB investigators, the Tesla Model 3 had passed another car as it approached a traffic light and accelerated in an attempt to pass through a yellow light. Model 3 traveled another 140 feet before losing control, leaving the road and hitting the first tree.

The left front of the Model 3 hit the shaft that rotated the car 90 degrees counterclockwise, sending the Tesla another 42 feet until the passenger’s side hit the second shaft.

This caused the Model 3 to rotate 180 degrees clockwise before stopping when a fire engulfed the Tesla, killing both occupants.

The NTSB says the fire started from the high-voltage lithium-ion battery case and destroyed most of the Model 3, including the on-board data storage device in the infotainment system.

The government says all aspects of the accident and fire remain under investigation as both the NTSB and the Coral Gables Police Department continue their investigation.

Coral Gables firefighters also report that they had trouble trying to put out the Tesla Model 3 fire because the high-voltage batteries reignited at least once. will update our website as soon as NTSB releases more details about the crash.


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