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Prime Day is almost upon us, and the savings have already started to add up. Starting the weekend, you can get the lowest prices on a 1TB internal SSD from Sabrent, a mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair, more than half off the WD_BLACK 1TB internal gaming SSD and much more. .

Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 Plus Internal SSD For $79.99 ($20 off): The best price ever

Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 Plus Internal SSD leaning against a keyboard.

If you’re constantly running out of storage space, the Sabrent 1TB Rocket 4 Plus Internal SSD is an excellent solution, especially if you need more storage space for your PS5 as it meets Sony’s NVMe specifications. It offers 1TB of storage, 7000MB/s read speeds and 5300MB/s write speeds so you know you’re getting fast and efficient performance speeds. It’s also designed to consume less power when in use, so you get all the speed you need without draining your device’s battery in the process. Sabrent’s 1TB internal SSD also features Advanced Wear Leveling to extend its lifespan, plus Bad Block Management and Error Correction Code for more efficient performance overall, giving you better bang for your buck. money.

Corsair K60 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $74.99 ($35 off): Best price ever

The Corsair K60 Pro mechanical gaming keyboard lights up in the colors of the rainbow.

Mechanical keyboards offer a level of customization that ordinary keyboards can’t match, making them ideal for gaming PCs, and the Corsair K60 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great option if you want to add one to your gaming station. Like any good mechanical keyboard, it allows you to customize the keys and bright lighting to your liking. The lighting also automatically reacts to your in-game actions as you play for an extra touch of immersion. The frame is made of aluminum for good sturdiness and durability without extra weight or bulk, and the thick, stiff keycaps also offer resistance to wear and discoloration. As a bonus, the Corsair K60 Pro mechanical gaming keyboard comes with a removable magnetic palm rest made of soft synthetic leather to give your hands a little extra cushion and support for marathon gaming sessions.

WD_BLACK 1TB Internal Gaming SSD for $69.99 ($110 off)


If you need extra storage space for gaming, you won’t want to pass up this deal on the WD_BLACK 1TB Internal Gaming SSD. Another SSD that pairs well with the PS5, it offers 1TB of additional storage space and performance speeds of up to 7300MB/s so you know you’ll spend less time staring at loading screens and more time gaming. Not only does it have adaptive thermal management, but it comes with its own heat sink to help prevent overheating, so you won’t have to spend extra money buying a separate heat sink. The 1TB WD_BLACK internal gaming SSD also supports Microsoft DirectStorage technology for future games, further improving load times.

More deals this week

Water falling on a red Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker.
ultimate ears

With Prime Day just a few days away, there are plenty of other tech gadgets and accessories on sale this weekend. From deals on Ultimate Ears’ waterproof Bluetooth speaker and second-generation Apple Pencil to the lowest price on a Gaomon drawing tablet and more, you’ll have no trouble saving money, even before Prime Day officially kicks off.

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