Court wins and indictments have the 1/6 committee ready for rock and roll


MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance explained how Bannon’s indictment and Trump’s executive privilege case are preparing the 1/6 Committee for Rock and Roll.


We have a couple of things happening at the same time. The Bannon indictment shows DOJ has the strength to protect ability of Congress to engage with his witnesses. Hence, in the District of Columbia courts, we have the case proceeding where the Trump the administration is trying to block card turnover, e executive privilege is at stake in the cause. A district judge found that Trump cannot claim executive privilege once Biden has decided it’s not deserved. Biden articulated a clear reason to turn the cards in the situation, which is the importance of getting to bottom of January 6.

If the DC circuit rules as analysts wait it will be difficult affirm executive privilege. I think we are used to it speaking of executive privilege in the glorified terms. Executive privilege is meant to protect internal White House deliberations. It is not intended to protect campaign activity designed to foment an insurrection. I think some of these people are now to the point where they will they have to face the reality that or respect i subpoenas or confront each other seriously consequences, and for those who I hope to have a second act either third act of political life, those consequences are amazing. I think the committee is getting it ready for rock and roll.

Trump and his cronies are hit by a double whammy

Not only the case of Trump’s executive privilege is moving through the courts at a rapid pace, but the Justice Department is not allowing the Trumpers to ignore the Congressional subpoenas.

The legal basis that Trump and his allies are claiming for their refusal to comply is being dismantled by the courts, while those who do not comply are facing jail.

It is a vice that will ensure those who refuse to collaborate with the 1/6 Committee.

The 1/6 Committee’s investigation looks poised to rise to an even higher level, because for the first time in years, the rule of law is winning.


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