COVID-19 has helped people “wake up” to the importance of mental health


Will Poulter he thinks the COVID-19 pandemic has helped “wake people up” to the importance of mental health care.

Will Poulter for GQ Hype

The 28-year-old actor said he is “constantly” taking care of his mental health and believes that while the ongoing health crisis has been “difficult” for various reasons, a positive is that people now feel more “empathy” for those. struggling with their mental health.

He told GQ Hype magazine: “I am constantly reminded of the importance of taking care of my mental health and of course, apart from the physical challenges it posed, I think the pandemic has awakened many people about the importance of extending this sort of thing. of empathy and the level of care we have with physical health for people’s mental health. Mental health is physical health, you know. “

Will recently took a major blow to his career when he had to retire to a part in Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series due to a scheduling conflict.

And while retiring from the role was disappointing, she has learned to get used to things that “don’t go the way she wants”.

He added: “As an actor, you are very used to things that don’t go right and you have to adapt accordingly. I’m more used to things that don’t go my way. So I had to get rid of them.”

The “Dopesick” star also took over his mental health in 2019 when he decided to leave Twitter, and while he now has his account back, he only uses it as a platform for charitable causes he cares about.

He explained: “I feel this is the best and healthiest way to use it for me personally. I’m very lucky that those organizations – The Black Curriculum, Anti-Bullying or Alzheimer’s Research UK – allow me to do that. “

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