COVID-19 vaccine mandates for travel will be lifted – News Block

The tracking app is also reportedly coming to an end; Canada-Denmark border dispute resolved; Trudeau tests positive; Canadians are feeling the debt crisis

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The federal government will announce on Tuesday the end of the COVID-19 vaccination mandates for air and train travel, as well as outbound international travel, the CBC reported Monday night. The government has been under pressure from the opposition and the airline industry amid long lines at airports.

debt crisis: Half of those surveyed say they are $200 or less away from being unable to meet all their monthly bills and debt obligations, according to a new debt survey from MNP Ltd., reports BNN Bloomberg. The number marks a five-year high on the agency’s consumer debt index, a 10-point jump from December.

“The anxiety Canadians feel about making ends meet, or no longer able to make ends meet, tells us that we may eventually see a flood of households falling behind on payments or defaulting on loans, mortgages, car payments or credit cards,” he said. grant bazianpresident of MNP LTD, in the report released Thursday.

In equally not very encouraging economic news, the S&P/TSX composite is in correction territory after suffering the second worst day of 2022, CTV reports.

Membership Battle: CCP leadership candidates are expected to challenge thousands of members brought in by their rivals, senior conservatives say to Hill Hours:

Friday June 3 was the deadline to register new members and the party is currently in the midst of processing hundreds of thousands of newly registered members. Conservative MP pierre poilièvre (Carleton, Ontario) and Mayor of Brampton patrick brown have publicly stated that each has registered 311,958 and 150,000 memberships, respectively. If his claims are to be believed, the party could have as many as 700,000 members, an unprecedented number for any political party in Canadian political history.

Half of Hans Island: The end of a long-running but friendly border dispute between Canada and Denmark will be heralded today when the governments announce an agreement to carve up a small uninhabited island in the Arctic, CBC reports.

Sawhney on: Calgary MLAs rajan sawhney resigned as Alberta’s transport minister and added her name to the list of candidates vying to replace jason kennedy on Monday, the CBC reports. The lineup so far: Leela Aheer, Brian Jean, Todd Loewen, Bill Rock, Danielle Smith, Travis Toews and rebecca schulz.

False warning: Two organizers of a Sikh event on Parliament Hill say they were arrested and released after being misidentified in connection with a bomb threat, the Star reports. manveer singh he said police arrested him and told him they had “credible information” that he was connected to a bomb threat. They later released him and apologized.

Positive Trudeau: justin trudeau has COVID-19 again, Global reports.

No restrictions: All remaining COVID-19 public health restrictions in Alberta will be lifted Tuesday, including mandatory isolation, CTV reports.

No red flags: former liberal deputy Raj Grewal he sent the names of 100 people he wanted to invite to receptions with Trudeau in India in 2018, it was revealed Monday at his trial, reports CP. Grewal, 36, faces two counts of breach of trust, related to loans he sought from friends, family and other associates to help pay off his gambling habit. The Crown alleges that Grewal sought the people’s loans in exchange for securing them access to travel to India or to work on immigration files.

Emergency: The city of Calgary declared a state of emergency due to heavy rain on Monday, Global reports.

tropical court: A report commissioned by the Quebec government, then kept under wraps, finds that newcomers are likely to need more than six months to learn French, contrary to Bill 96 rules, CBC reports.

Ford Cabinet Specifications: He Star has a history filled with informed speculation about the probable composition of doug ford next cabinet.

MPP pedro tabuns is favorite to become interim leader of the Ontario NDP, Star reports.

BC Party: BC Liberals plan to change the name of their party, vaughan palmer write on it vancouver sunwhich may present an opportunity for the New Democrats in that province.

Murder Plot: A BC actor who pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of his mother had a plan to drive to Ottawa to kill Trudeau, a court was told during his sentencing hearing Monday, the CBC reports.

App Toast: Secret sources tell the Balloon Ottawa plans to announce the end of the national COVID-19 contact tracing app this week, months after changes to PCR testing regulations in many provinces have rendered it largely useless.

Sorry Deputy: Liberal MP adam van koeverdenOlympic gold medalist apologized after saying “F— you” to a woman calling for an end to vaccine mandates, the toronto sun reports.
Money for Irving: Taxpayers are being asked to give Irving at least $300 million so he can modernize his Halifax shipyard to build warships, the Citizen reports.

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