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I can assure you that there are no plans or anything to stop Christmas from happening. The huge difference this time around is the vaccine and the huge impact of the vaccine. And the way we keep the vaccine topped up, the way we keep that wall of defense protected, is to get your booster when you get the whole thing, because if you compare to where we were last year, zero people have had the vaccine. We are now about 89-90% of adults with the vaccine. So that’s what protects us from going back to what we had at Christmas.

It’s in our hands, so if all of us, all of your spectators, if you get the booster when the call comes, this is the biggest wall of defense we have against Covid. And if you look at some numbers, at the end of October the infection numbers were roughly comparable to those of mid-January last year. Remember it was really at its peak last year, but admissions were 74% lower. This shows you the power of the vaccine. So I’m confident that if we stay the course, if people take boosters when they’re asked to, that vaccine will hold up and we’ll be able to have a decent Christmas this year.


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