Covid live: the Dutch prime minister will announce the partial blockade; Germany Will Quarantine Unvaccinated Austrian Visitors | News from the world


Dr Bharat Pankhania, a senior clinical professor at Exeter University College of Medicine and Health, told The Associated Press that in Western Europe the large pool of unvaccinated people combined with a widespread resumption of post-blockade socialization and a slight drop in immunity for people who got vaccinated months ago is increasing the pace of infections.

Many European countries now use Covid passes – full vaccination proof, virus recovery, or negative test result – to access places like bars and restaurants. Pankhania warned that passes can give a false sense of security as fully vaccinated people can still be infected, even if their chances of dying or becoming seriously ill are drastically lower.

Thanks in large part to vaccination, Western European hospitals are not under the same pressure they were at the start of the pandemic, but many are still struggling to manage a growing number of Covid patients while also attempting to clear backlog of tests. and surgery with exhausted or sick personnel.

Mike Corder for the Associated Press writes that the question now is whether countries can crack down on this latest recovery without resorting to rigorous closures that have devastated economies, disrupted education and weighed on mental health. Experts say probably, but authorities can’t avoid all restrictions and have to increase vaccination rates.

“I think the era of locking people up in their homes is over because we now have tools to control Covid: tests, vaccines and therapies,” said Devi Sridhar, president of global public health at the University of Edinburgh. “So I hope people do the things they have to do, like put on a mask.”

Spain, once one of the hardest-hit nations in Europe, perhaps offers an example of how risk can be managed.

It has vaccinated 80% of its population, and although face masks are no longer mandatory outdoors, many people still wear them.

While infections have risen slightly recently, Rafael Bengoa, one of Spain’s leading public health experts, said that given the high vaccination rate, “the virus will no longer be able to dominate us.”

Pankhania says no single measure will control the pandemic. “To really control it, it has to be multilayered … avoid crowds, avoid poorly ventilated places, be immunized, wear a mask,” he said.


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