Cruz suggests that Cheney should run as a Democrat


Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) holds up a letter during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, March 3, 2021. (Greg Nash / Reuters)

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) blew up a representative Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.) Saturday, suggesting that if he launches a bid for the presidency in 2024, it should be democratic.

Cruz’s comment came in response to a CNN tweet The guide, which featured a video of a panel discussing Cheney’s possibility running into the next presidential round.

“Is there a ward for Liz Cheney in New Hampshire in 2024?” asked CNN’s tweet.

“Yes. They are called Democratic primaries,” Cruz replied.

Cheney replied in a tweet of his: “I know you are posing for the secessionist vote, Ted. But my party, the Republican party, saved the Union. You swore to the Constitution. Behave like that. “

Cheney’s comments seem to refer to a comment Cruz allegedly made last month that Texas could potentially separate if the Democrats “fundamentally destroy the country.”

“If the Democrats put an end to filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they fill the Supreme Court, if they make DC a state, if they federalize elections, if they massively expand election fraud, there may come a point where it is hopeless. , “Cruz reportedly told a student at an event at Texas A&M, according to The hill.

Cheney was one of only ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in January for “inciting an uprising” after a mob of his supporters stormed the United States Capitol on January 6 in an attempt to stop Congressional certification of President Biden’s election victory.

In May, House Republicans ousted Cheney from his role as Speaker of the House Republican Conference after repeatedly criticizing former President Trump’s claim that the 2020 election had been stolen. GOP leaders said his reprimand of Trump served as a distraction from the party’s efforts to focus on moving forward and regaining the House and Senate in the 2022 mid-term elections.

In April, just before being removed from n. 3 leadership role, Cheney told al New York Post that “will rule nothing out” when it comes to a potential presidential candidacy of 2024.

“It’s always a long time,” Cheney said at the time.

During an event in New Hampshire last week, Cheney continued to criticize Trump, which many saw as a Cheney sensation in a potential rush to 2024.

“Will we put the duty of our oath over partisan politics or will we look away from danger and threat, embrace the lies and enable the liar?” Cheney said. “There is no gray area when it comes to that question, when it comes to this moment. There is no middle ground “.

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