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Cryptocurrency generates more than 180% in profits in 16 hours

Tamadoge is the latest P2E game project listed on centralized OKX other decentralized exchange. In less than 16 hours, the coin has generated more than 180% profit for early investors, while late pre-sale investors have made profits of around 100%. During the presale, the tokens were sold at $0.01, $0.02, and $0.03, depending on how early investors got hold of them.

Tamadoge now on OKX

After several days of waiting for the countdown to end, Tamadoge investors can now buy, buy, sell and trade TAMA tokens on OKX centralized and decentralized exchanges. They can also claim their tokens to transfer to a wallet or sell them.

Early investors in the global Tamadoge community expressed their delight at the huge returns generated by the coin’s trading today. Many of these investors bought more tokens, while new investors joined the pack by buying the listed tokens, as experts believe that the token still has a long way to go in terms of price growth.

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The TAMA/USDT pairing went live at exactly 11am UTC this morning. Tamadoge’s official social media profiles made the announcements when the pairing went live to inform investors that they can trade TAMA immediately from anywhere in the world except a few locations. The team also revealed to the Tamadoge Army that investors would be able to withdraw from TAMA starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

Immediately after the pairing went live, investors were shocked to see the price of TAMA drop from over $0.030 to $0.020. However, the smiles began to appear when the price corrected just before press time. The price rallied to $0.028 and gradually increased as the hours passed. Right now, TAMA is worth nearly double its initial resale price, meaning early entrants have made around 180% profit on their investments.

Investors also started flocking to the official Tamadoge website to claim their TAMA tokens this afternoon.

Trading volume of at least $200 million recorded in six hours

The Tamadoge army has not wavered in its support for the token. They haven’t stopped spreading the word about the chips, either. Although the listing of the token on a major cryptocurrency exchange helped publicize the asset and its credibility, it is evident that the TAMA army is also working to spread the word and increase the price of TAMA.

Less than seven hours after the tokens went live on OKX, the team revealed that the pairings amassed at least $200 million in trading volume within six hours of being listed. The trading volume is still actively increasing at the time of writing this article. Also, Tamadoge still doesn’t pay taxes; all transactions on TAMA matchups will be tax-free for now.

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The beauty of Tamadoge (TAMA)

TAMA is the official token of the Tamaverse, the Tamadoge universe in the Metaverse. The platform is a P2E gaming project that offers users many distinctive features and services.

The Tamaverse Entry Token, Tamadoge (TAMA), allows you to create, breed, and battle your own pet Tamadoge. Everyone will be able to mint whatever doges they want using Tamadoge, and users can breed, train, and compete their Tamadoge NFTs to be at the top of the leaderboard each month. Play-to-Earn options will eventually incorporate augmented reality activities, allowing your NFT to interact with their Tamaverse counterparts.

Tamaverse (the project’s ecosystem), Tamadoge Pets (the project’s core NFT-powered creatures), and last but not least Tamadoge Token (the project’s native utility token) are just a few of the unique goods and services that make up Tamadoge.

Tamadoge’s roadmap states that the Tamadoge NFT pet store is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 and that the Tamadoge P2E Arcade games and Tamadoge AR app that supports NFT bugs are scheduled to launch in the second half of 2023. Seeing as the project is weeks ahead of schedule, it is possible that these products will be found before the due dates.

bottom line

Tamadoge (TAMA) has gone from its record-breaking multi-stage presale period to generating over 100% returns for early investors. more to come as the coin gets listed on other major exchanges in the coming months. According to information on the Tamadoge website, new investors can join the bandwagon by buying TAMA on OKX or OKX DEX.

Please note that not all members of the Tamadoge community cannot access OKX at this time due to geographical restrictions. However, the team is hopeful that the coin will soon be listed on a US-based crypto exchange. In the meantime, you can buy TAMA at OKX Dex.

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