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IPL 2023: CSK vs MI Match Prediction
CSK vs MI Head to head
CSK vs MI Head to Head: The Indian Premier League CSK and MI Stats: The Indian Premier League (IPL) rivalry between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) is a battle of giants.

These two powerhouses have dominated the IPL, winning eight trophies between them and carving their names into cricket history.

Fans have witnessed great moments, furious clashes and some of the most entertaining cricket competitions throughout CSK vs MI matches.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the matchups between the teams, highlighting the pivotal events that have defined this passionate rivalry.

head to head stats

CSK vs MI Head to head

When we look at the head to head statistics between CSK and MI, we see that these two teams are evenly matched. They had met in 36 matches by the end of the 2023 IPL season, with CSK winning 16 times and Mi winning 20 times. This symmetrical record underscores the intense nature of the rivalry and the tough fights waged between these two IPL powerhouses.

Tournament Winner Event Margin
2023 LPI CSK Chennai 6 windows
2023 LPI CSK Mumbai 7 windows
2022 IPL MY Mumbai 5 windows
2022 IPL CSK Navi Mumbai 3 windows
2021 LPI CSK dubai 20 races
2021 LPI MY Delhi 4 windows
2020 IPL CSK Abu Dhabi 5 windows
2020 IPL MY Sharjah 10 windows
LPI 2019 MY Mumbai 37 races
LPI 2019 MY Chennai 46 races
LPI 2019 MY Chennai 6 windows
LPI 2019 MY hyderabad 1 race
LPI 2018 CSK Mumbai 1 wicket
LPI 2018 MY Fist 8 wickets
LPI 2015 CSK Mumbai 6 wickets
LPI 2015 MY Chennai 6 wickets
LPI 2015 MY Mumbai 25 races
LPI 2015 MY calcutta 41 races
LPI 2014 CSK dubai 7 wickets
LPI 2014 CSK Mumbai 4 wickets
LPI 2014 CSK Mumbai 7 wickets
2013 IPL MY Chennai 9 races
2013 IPL MY Mumbai 60 races
2013 IPL CSK Delhi 48 races
2013 IPL MY calcutta 23 races
2012 IPL MY Chennai 8 wickets
2012 IPL MY Mumbai 2 wickets
2012 IPL CSK bangalore 38 races
2011 IPL MY Mumbai 8 races
2010 IPL MY Mumbai 5 wickets
2010 IPL CSK Chennai 24 races
2010 IPL CSK Navi Mumbai 22 races
2009 IPL MY Cape Town 19 races
2009 IPL CSK port elizabeth 7 wickets
2008 IPL CSK Chennai 6 races
2008 IPL MY Mumbai 9 wickets

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