Cuff Season Cocktail: 2 Fall Cocktail Recipes You Must Try Now


Dating nights are indulgent and exciting, but they’re also noisy, crowded, and expensive. Not always the best to set the mood! And with handcuff season upon us, I’m trying to channel my inner mixologist and find a way to host my happy hour at home for my partner and me. being at the bar as much as the next girl, but who can say that being buzzed on my couch isn’t as fun? Specially with my partner by my side! Fortunately, these cocktail of the season of cuffs making the stay a more tempting option.

We could just call them cold-season cocktails, but I swear they both taste better when you drink them on date night. Just ask Reyka brand ambassador Trevor Schneider, who came up with the idea of ​​two amazing side-by-side sipping drinks, hence the handcuff season theme. The two drinks that make up the Cuffing Cocktail, Falling For You and Better Together, will be available in select NYC bars this fall, but Schneider has the scoop on how to make them at home for your next night out.

For the full cold vibrations that seem more bubbly than welcoming, fall should be your drink of choice for you. “I wanted to create a cocktail that reminded me of this time of year: clean, fresh, autumnal,” Schneider shares. “Falling For You is a light and refreshing cocktail to prepare you for the changes of the season. This cocktail represents the ideal scenario for the first date.”

Courtesy of Reyka.

For something a little more classic, Better Together is another delightful option. “Better Together encourages you to hold on to that last beautiful warm day until spring returns,” says Schneider. “The taste profile of this is light and refreshing but with a little more attitude. This is the date scenario that doesn’t take itself too seriously. “

To make both cocktails you need only four to five ingredients, the star of the show for every being Vodka Reyka, One of my favorites. If you and your boyfriend are looking to stay and play as a mixologist (Hey, crazier scenarios have happened!), Read on for the secret formulas you need to ensure you have a delicious cuffing season.

Fall in love with you

  • 1.5 parts of Reyka Vodka
  • 1.5 parts of cloudy apple juice
  • 0.25 parts of lemon juice
  • 0.5 parts of maple syrup

Better together

  • 2 parts Reyka Vodka
  • 0.75 parts of fresh lemon
  • .5 triple parts sec
  • 0.5 parts of simple syrup
  • 4 crushed raspberries

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