DaBaby fell off stage and lost a $20,000 diamond ring during his Las Vegas performance – The Daniels Post – World – News Block

A woman in the crowd found the ring and went on stage to return it to the artist as he sang to her.

After being canceled due to his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud Miami earlier this year, DaBaby is making a triumphant return to the stage, sort of. Over the weekend, the “Babysitter” rapper was performing a show in Las Vegas when he ended up bumping into the audience.

Instagram user @shaydaplugg recounted the events on her page, along with visual evidence. “Performing his hit song ‘VIBEZ’ on Drai’s @dababy he fell off the stage. While he was in the crowd, fans ripped off his shirt. He then he tried to act like the fall was part of the show.”

Apparently, as DaBaby was removing his torn shirt, he lost his $20,000 diamond ring in the crowd, prompting security to conduct an extensive search of the area. “A woman caught the ring and gave it to security. DaBaby allowed her to come up on stage and put the ring back on her finger.”

As the show’s sponsor took the stage, the 29-year-old knelt and sang Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” before blaming his Louis Vuitton sneakers for the fall that started the whole fiasco.

Seeing the woman return DaBaby’s ring, several people online are saying the rapper should have shelled out a couple hundred bucks (at least) to repay him for his kindness, while others have been joking that they would have “stuck the ring in (his) wig” or put it “right in (his) pocket.”

Do you think DaBaby should have paid for the woman’s act of kindness, or is his serenade a fair trade to get back his expensive treasure?

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