Damon Arnette of hot water raiders for reported gun video, lawsuits


Things are not going well in Sin City (evergreen caption).

Things are not going well in Sin City (evergreen caption).
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The Las Vegas Raiders are in the midst of one of the most tumultuous seasons we’ve ever seen. He used to be their head coach, Jon Gruden, whose leaked emails revealed racist and misogynistic tendencies from the Super Bowl-winning coach. Less than a month later, the team’s best receiver and the first pick of the 2020 draft, Henry Ruggs, was arrested for a DUI that resulted in a car accident and the death of a 23-year-old woman and her dog. Ruggs has since been released from prison after bail and is awaiting further legal action.

These two problems would be bad enough as it is. However, things continue to get worse for Silver & Black.

The Raiders may be forced to cut ties with another of their 2020 first-round draft picks, cornerback Damon Arnette. A video that appeared on social media allegedly shows Arnette waving multiple guns and threatening someone’s life:

However, this isn’t the only shit storm Arnette is involved in. Arnette is also facing several lawsuits.

The first, filed on October 5, revolves around an accident that occurred on October 14, 2020. In an attempt to make a match for which he was late, at the headquarters of the Raiders team, Arnette would crash into a woman. vehicle, while the woman was in the car, at over 65 mph. The lawsuit says that rather than staying to exchange insurance information, Arnette fled the scene and continued on to the meeting. The woman, Yaneth Coromoto Casique, sustained several physical injuries and accumulated medical bills totaling more than $ 92,000. His lawsuit aims to have Arnette and / or the Raiders, also listed as defendants, pay medical bills and an additional $ 15,000 in general damages and legal fees.

The second case revolves around an interaction Arnette had with a personal waiter at the Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The worker claims that after Arnette was told that his car could not be picked up by the valet because Arnette was missing a receipt from the waiter, the Raiders cornerback scolded the worker, spat on him and gave him a tap in the chest. Arnette had a receipt from the waiter, but it was still in her hotel room. He was eventually recovered by Arnette’s girlfriend. The waiter asks for $ 500,000 for the change.

The Raiders have not yet released Arnette, but this move should be done very soon. Arnette hasn’t seen the pitch since it was put on IR after the team’s week 4 match against the Chargers. Since being drafted, Arnette has only started seven games for the Raiders and has yet to register an interception in his professional career.

The Raiders currently hold a 5-2 record, tied for the AFC’s second best record. You would think that with all the distractions they have had to endure this season, they would either give up the season completely or struggle to get to five wins in the first place. How crazy would it be if the Raiders managed to win their division despite everything that’s going on? It is absurd to think that having seen everything that is going on with Odell Beckham Jr., Aaron Rodgers, And Urban MeyerThe Raiders may still have a case for the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise.

It’s been quite a long season and we’re not even halfway through.


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