Dana Chanel and Prince Donnell break silence during civil lawsuit, ask supporters to defend them (Video)


Christian influencer Dana Chanel is holding out, refuting all scam allegations made against her amidst civil suit filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Dana Chanel is accused of robbing owners of small businesses, especially black ones, by not providing paying customers with goods and services as promised. Some of these services include credit repair and business app development.

Dana, known for being the founder of Curl Bible and the Christian mobile app Sprinkle of Jesus, stood alongside husband and business partner Prince Donnell as they denied the scam allegations in a video she shared on her Instagram account Wednesday night. .

“First of all we want to thank you so much for your patience,” Dana began in the video. “I fear our silence has come out as a kind of admission of guilt, when it has always been our desire to be an example to black entrepreneurs on how to deal with trade discrepancies with professionalism and diplomacy.”

Prince Donnell then intervened to categorically deny the accusations leveled against their companies.

“We are currently facing the civil lawsuit and deny all claims that have been made,” he said. “We have the best legal team in the country fighting to defend us, but know that we take all consumer matters very seriously.”

So Donnell asked his supporters and clients for help in the midst of the negative press.

“And to all of our supporters and customers, I ask you to stand up right now,” Donnell said. “Recognize and ensure that we have made a positive impact on your lives and also trust that you can sponsor our businesses and receive quality service.”

Dana added that they are also starting a “black business review committee” to create a safe place to trade.

You can watch their video below:

The lawsuit comes over a year later a page dedicated to defeating Dana Chanel for alleged scam that emerged on Instagram. The page featured a number of testimonials from alleged Dana Chanel clients who claimed they were scammed out of its businesses.

The lawsuit specifically named companies Credit Exterminators Inc. and Alakazam Apps, LLC, which boast mobile app development services for small businesses.

Dana Chanel co-owns and runs Credit Exterminators / Earn Company with her sister, Cassandra April Olivera, and runs Alakazam Apps with her father, Nakia Rattray.

One of the alleged scams Dana Chanel is accused of involving a consumer who paid $ 2,000 to Alakazam Apps, believing she would work directly with Dana and her team to come up with a custom app for her nonprofit.

The lawsuit alleges that the woman never received the app and attempted to contact the company more than 10 times on the phone, but never received an answer or received a refund.

Another consumer claims that she signed up with Credit Exterminators with the understanding that they would settle the outstanding credit accounts on her behalf. Months after paying for the services, the woman claims she received a salary foreclosure letter from a lender she believed Credit Exterminators had settled.

That woman also says she paid Dana Chanel $ 2,000 and never saw a refund or the services she paid for.

We will keep you updated on any updates in this case.


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