Data shows that Iran has exported about 19 Bcm of natural gas in 2022 – News Block

According to a Tuesday report by IRNA, EI released a report titled the 72nd Edition of the World Energy Statistical Review, which indicates that the Islamic Republic exported 18.9 bcm of natural gas in 2022.

The figure represented 2.5% of global natural gas trade through the pipeline this year.

Iran’s natural gas export has registered a 9% increase compared to 2021, according to the report.

The figure is more than 4 times the average growth of world trade in this product, EI added.

The report went on to say that Iran exported 17.3 bcm of natural gas in 2021.

Of Iran’s total export of 18.9 bcm in the previous year, 9.4 bcm was exported to Iraq, 9.1 bcm to Turkey and 0.4 bcm to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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