Dave Chapelle’s appearance at his school’s fundraiser is postponed


It was revealed that Dave Chapelle’s high school fundraiser was postponed due to the threat of a student strike. Check out the details available below.

The Shade Room revealed that “The controversy surrounding # DaveChappelle’s #Netflix comedy special” The Closer “has subsided somewhat, but it’s still a big deal at his former high school. According to recent reports, the scheduled appearance by Dave Chappelle at his high school fundraiser has now been postponed after students threatened to leave if he showed up. ‘

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‘@Deadline reports, Dave Chappelle was supposed to appear at a fundraiser for his former high school, Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC, on November 23, but has now been officially postponed until next spring. The fundraiser was created to raise funds for a new theater that would be named after him. The school’s students apparently threatened to leave to protest Dave’s presence because of his Netflix special which recently sparked a lot of controversy over comments on the transgender community, ”TSR notes.

TSR went on to say, “Several students have reportedly had a” heated debate “with school faculty members about a planned show honoring Dave Chappelle at the same time as the fundraiser for the theater. Over the years, Dave has donated over $ 100,000 to her former school and awarded her one of her Emmy Awards in 2017. In addition, he was a starter speaker in the past, gave a master class and brought several famous friends with him to talk to students. ‘

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Someone said: “When you give kids too much authority” and another follower posted this: “They just wanted an excuse to drop out of school.”

One follower said: ‘If they don’t let him go already. Dragging isn’t even the best word anymore, “and one commentator said,” He saved his pockets, so I’m sure he still sleeps well at night lmao. “

One fan said: “His expressions in the photos they use always fit the occasion.”

One follower said, “None of them probably even pay for their Netflix. They just need to sit on this in general,” and one commenter posted this: “There wouldn’t be a student leaving. They were probably 4. to 6 students who were in their feelings smh. ‘

Someone else said: ‘I’m sorry for this generation..I miss the days when life was simple make jokes without anyone getting hurt. And no one imposes things on us only and everyone with their own opinions .. simple things. ‘

A follower posted this: “I’m a student at Duke Ellington High School and we students didn’t say that. Stop lying about our name.”


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