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Dearborn public schools website he states it in a practical way: “Dearborn Public Schools guarantees that all the meats served in our schools are Halal certified”. Now a brave mother is fighting back, challenging Dearborn public school officials to explain why they did it and to provide options for students who oppose halal food.

The mother wrote to Dearborn Schools Superintendent Glenn Maleyko, noting, “Schools never changed lunches to meet other religious needs. If one needed a special diet for religious or health reasons, he would do what all the other students do, bring his own lunch. ‘

Maleyko replied: “The decision was based only on operational considerations, not religion. By implementing an all Halal meat option we have increased the number of students we are serving[.] … It would cost a lot more to supply both Halal and non-Halal meat. “

In the long run, the superintendent will find it much, much more expensive to surrender to Islamic supremacism and create this precedent.

Dearborn’s actions here should be of concern to all free people. This is a manifestation of the absolute march of the left, without consideration or doubt, towards practices of exclusion and supremacy that any genuinely pluralist society should reject. Dearborn public school officials are demonstrating totalitarian confidence in the delusional comfort of enlightenment, diversity and inclusion. They have an unpleasant surprise: they are welcoming a radically non-diversified, non-inclusive

Dearborn’s policy is discriminatory towards non-Muslim students from numerous perspectives, some of which have to do with different faith traditions. There could be many reasons why people don’t want halal meat. They can oppose halal slaughter for humanitarian reasons or because they are concerned about animal rights. Evangelical Christians can view it as sacrificed to idols, as discussed in the New Testament. Jews are obligated to keep kosher food, not to eat halal food. Still others might argue that many halal certification organizations have links to jihadist terrorist groups.

In light of this, Dearborn should cancel its halal-only policy in order to make its schools truly inclusive and diverse, accepting all students, not just Muslim students.

But this is unlikely to happen. This initiative is already very advanced. If you are in Europe, and also in many parts of America, the meat you are eating is probably halal, unless you are keeping kosher. In a little-known strike against freedom, once again, we are forced to consume butchered meat with a barbaric, tortuous and inhumane method: the Islamic massacre.

Where were the PETA clowns and ridiculous celebrities posing nude on giant billboards for PETA and “animal rights”? They’d rather see people die of cancer or AIDS than see animals used in drug testing, but the torturous and painful Islamic slaughter is OK.

Many people have written to me saying that they simply will not eat halal meat, as they are opposed to the methods used to slaughter the animal. And I agree. The sharia term for halal slaughter is dhakat. Dhakat consists of slaughtering an animal by cutting off the trachea, esophagus and jugular vein, letting the blood flow out while saying: “Bismillah allahu akbar” – in the name of Allah the Greater.

Seventy per cent of New Zealand lamb imported into the UK is halal. It is not labeled as such, so people eat halal without even knowing it. But people are reacting: when halal food was forced into public schools in the UK in 2007, parents were in an uproar. And in March 2010, Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), the sister organization of my SIOA group, called for an end to the mandatory consumption of halal meat on the continent.

In the United States, a large amount of meat sold in this country is already halal but is not labeled as such. It is a scandal, but an established practice: packers generally do not separate halal meat from non-halal meat and do not label halal meat as such. We have attempted to correct this error. But the US Department of Agriculture ignored, shelved, or simply refused to rule on our petition for four years.

Because many Americans, for a variety of reasons, do not wish to eat halal meat, in February 2012, my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), filed a city petition with the US Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. agriculture of the United States. , calling for a regulation to be enacted to ensure that all halal foods are clearly labeled as halal. In April 2012, we decided not to advertise our petition to give the agency some space to review the document without any pressure from the public.

On May 11, 2012, we had a face-to-face meeting in the USDA offices with top FSIS officials. We discussed this petition and the need to clearly label halal meat. Present at this meeting was Dan Engeljohn, a longtime USDA official who is now assistant administrator for the Office for Policy and Program Development (OPPD) in the FSIS. This position made him responsible for FSIS regulations.

Engeljohn and comrades have had years to comment on our petition. They never did anything. They simply left it to die on the table and blocked our repeated requests for an explanation.

Back in October 2010, I reported on little-known but explosive revelations that much of the meat in Europe and the United States was processed as halal without the knowledge of the non-Muslim consumers who bought it.

Then, in November 2011, I wrote an article which caused a fire across the political spectrum, revealing that Butterball turkeys were all halal but weren’t labeled as such. Heads exploded to the left – not for Butterball’s deception, but for having the audacity to reveal it. The clueless and right-wing compromises were also enraged: John Podhoretz tweeted, “I would tell Pamela Geller to put a sock on it, but the sock could be halal.”

I was, of course, condemned as an anti-Muslim Islamophobic racist bigot. In reality, however, we have no objection to the sale of halal meat, as long as it is clearly labeled as such and as long as non-halal meat is available.

And now, after all these years, halal meat is being imposed on non-Muslims. Dearborn’s mother responded to Maleyko’s mild rejection of her concerns, but as of press time she had no response from the superintendent. Will he answer? Will he take his concerns seriously? And more importantly, is this diversity? Is this inclusion? This is Islamic supremacism and totalitarianism.

Pamela Geller is the president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI); publisher of The Geller Report; and author of the bestselling book FATWA: Hunted in America, as well as The post-American presidency: the Obama administration’s war on America Other Stopping the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to Resistance. Follow her up Twitter or Facebook.


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