Deezer enters into a long-term strategic partnership with German broadcaster RTL


Audio streaming service born in France

According to a press release, Deezer will serve as a music, audiobook and radio playback partner for what is described as “a cross-media extension of RTL +“, Which will start in the first half of 2022.

RTL + customers will be able to access Deezer premium features and recommended content.

This includes access to Deezer Flow’s custom soundtrack functionality, as well as all channels, compilations and playlists curated by Deezer’s global team of editors.

Deezer says it has worked closely with RTL Deutschland to ensure a “smooth and efficient integration” with RTL + and Deezer “will continue to support and improve the app in the future.”

RTL + ‘s partnership with Deezer is part of a broader effort by the broadcaster to increase its presence as a streaming service.

Like reported by The Hollywood Reporter, RTL will triple its content investment to nearly $ 700 million annually and launch a multi-service streaming platform in an effort to compete with the likes of Jeronimo Folgueira, Deezer

Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Deezer, said: “RTL + will offer users an integrated entertainment experience with all the content they love in one package.

“We are proud to be on this journey together with RTL and look forward to bringing our content to millions of German consumers.”

“The partnership with RTL Deutschland represents the next step in our B2B growth strategy.”

Folgueira added: “Deezer is in a unique position to be able to offer consumer brands the flexibility and personalization they need.

“We have one of the largest music catalogs in the world, supported by a wide range of original and exclusive content.

“We are proud to be an industry-leading partner for consumer brands such as RTL and the entire Deezer team is looking forward to making this partnership a success.”

“Deezer has an excellent catalog, a great product and a creative team that shares our vision.”

Henning Nieslony, RTL +

Henning Nieslony, SVP Commercial & Product RTL +, added: “Deezer has an excellent catalog, a great product and a creative team that shares our vision for the future: to offer customers the best content in the simplest way possible.

“These are the best prerequisites for a long-term partnership.

“In addition to video content, podcasts and magazines, music, audio books and audio playback will be a milestone in our content package.”

In recent months, Deezer has increased its interest in the livestreaming market.

In October, the company bought a minority stake in livestream company Driift, which launched in August 2020 and has sold over 600,000 tickets.

It following news in May that Deezer had become what he called a “cornerstone investor” in DREAM DAYS, a US-based live music streaming startup.Music business around the world


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