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Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders to undergo emergency surgery for blood clots

It seems that Deion Sanders faces another medical scare.

According to sports analyst Pat McAfee, Deion Sanders he will undergo emergency surgery for a blood clot in his groin. Former NFL cornerback adam pacman jonesHe was a guest on the McAfee show and revealed the news. According jones, sanders is scheduled to undergo surgery at 6 a.m. on Friday (June 23).

jones said,

He’s been dealing with this since Jackson State. She had a blood clot in her leg, same with her foot. She was thinking of cutting her foot and she didn’t…she went through an amazing operation. I was there… to see him go through it and come back to where she was. I just want him to be healthy.”

jones admitted that he made a joke in light of the situation.

He said,

“I had the opportunity to speak with him this morning. But he’s awake… I said, ‘Man, I hope they don’t have to cut off your dick’… That’s what I told him, I said, ‘Bro, it’ll be bad if they have to cut off your dick.’ your dick bro Just cut off your leg.

Deion Sanders

sanders, who has had blood clot problems for years, previously had two toes amputated. The Pro Football Hall of Famer was reportedly diagnosed with three femoral artery blood clots, which doctors classified as life-threatening and left the coach wheelchair-bound while training at Jackson State.

News of Friday’s surgery came nearly a week after doctors for the Colorado soccer team told him sanders his left foot may have to be amputated.

Vascular surgeon Donald Jacobs said sanders,

“You just have to understand what the risks are. Things can cascade down. I could lose my footing.

During a recent episode of “Thee Pregame Show,” sanders revealed that he does not feel anything on the sole of his foot. He told the doctors that if he needs a procedure, he would like to have it done before the start of football season.

“I want to do it this summer because when we get going, I won’t have time to do it. This is the best downtime I’ve ever had.”

We wait Deion Sanders have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

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